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I'm just here for The Property of Hate. Go read it!!
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That last panal brings me such Joy ^_^
Nuuuu my babies! Where are they taking them???
What a nice time to have a conversation about self worth XD
Is it sandpaper of eraser shavings? I've heard both...
@Brawlitup99: Oh dear, not good. Not good at all.
I'm loving the bonding session!! So precious
Oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear
His cane thing almost diiiied
I'm pretty confused here, not gonna lie
@Guest: ikr I hope nothing happens to him.....
@Guest: yes its a very hard question.
Ahhhhhh I'm DEADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD *killed by pure pureness*
@Guest: So then something so powerful would have to be the emotion it's self right? Is Hate every bad feeling an author has had about their art/story??? If that is so shouldn't there logically be the opposite? A place where every good thing an author thinks about their art/story??? Is that the sun?????? Also how in the world would RGB be able to move in and out of the world of make believe to earth??!?!?!? Why doesn't everyone do this? What is so special about RGB
@Anniebannanie: It updates once every Sunday
Gosh dang it hero is so stinkin SMART!!!!!!
@Guest:1: we don't know for sure that hate is an author although it seams likely, but I suppose that when you create a world the price you have to pay is one day ending it.....2: As for hierarchy I think it's a forced hierarchy because of the immense power authors have over their characters 3: can characters write stories? I think that it's like an American citizen trying to become president. They are allowed to but not everyone is cut out for the job....... So I hope you liked my rant :P
So the end of this world is because it's now a story. Hate is ending this world, so Hate is an author???