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I like Pokémon, my favorite is Glaceon!
Basically what happened when my cousin told me about My Little Pony.
That is nimbasa city.
How did night evolve into an Umbreon? They have to have high friendship with a trainer.
@KillerTheSylveon: if only there was a like button...
This comic confuses me more that the Night/Dusk Riddle, and that riddle has me stumped to this day!
The only way this makes sense is if Dusk has multiple personality disorder, and this comic takes place in Dusk’s brain
I knew it looked different!
What, so Dusk can use psychic without knowing the move? Is it really that strange?
Never thought I’d be terrified of an Eevee before until now...
Any reason two of the background Eevee aren’t happy about the new computer? Did they help break the first one or something?
Dawn is great, she can be so cruel and feminine one second, and murder everything like a rabid wolf the next.
Okay then,
I guess Dawn DOES know about Dusk’s fourth wall abilities.
Wait a second...
I think I know what is happening here! Blizz got Dusk drunk on grape juice and in Dusk’s, you know, he somehow used explosion! And nuked the rest of the grape juice, which is why Bolt is crying, because of the loss of his favorite drink, grape juice!
@I love umbreon: So, if you are talking about singles then, gg you win, Umbreon is better for singles, at least from my experience, but singles isn’t the only battle style, as there is doubles, multi, etc. (actually I think just those two but whatever) and in my experience, Glaceon has beat legendaries such as Tapu Koko and landorous in doubles, and has beat mons such as, Mega Charizard Y, Mega Char X, Umbreon, Vaporeon, Chansey, Blissey, and Mega Kangaskhan (don’t really know how to spell that last one) so give me some examples of how good your Umbreon is and how it single-handedly beat singles in the battle tree and online competitions worldwide and how you are the number one Pokémon player in the world that won while using just Umbreon, I doubt you can.
@I love umbreon: just be quiet, fight with your lvl 20 umbreon you found wild on akala against my lvl 100 Glaceon or shut it
@I love umbreon: my Glaceon beats legendaries, just requires doubles and set up.
@I love umbreon: fight my Glaceon in doubles.
I wonder how Dawn will react if she sees Dusk come in through the fourth wall.
The expression!
I just got my weekly facial expressions and laughs! I am le happy now.