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@Noximilian: First of all, truly an interesting read...thanks for the treat xD
- On a second note, well, if entering gun blazing during a ritual aiming to summon an average lesser demon, and accidentally spilling enough psyker blood on the summoning circle to summon instead Archeodrath the blood-drenched, Supreme grand master of the Skullfaced (An extremely powerful Khornate daemonprince and his World eater warband) well...yes.
[our party was dismembered, the psyker sacrificed to open a warp rift and the Imperial expedition we were supporting was wiped we sparked a massive Sector wide Blood crusade]
I remember doing something like this during a Dark heresy Adventure.
The only difference was in the usage of a power Wrench and an insomuch disturbing loss of cranial matter from the subject...
On the bright side, he was free from the Technovirus.
Praise the Emperor, the Munitorum received our supplies request!
The emperor Protects.
(May his blessings be with you peachpunk, and best wishes for your Birthday)