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Genderfluid af and I am a major nerd
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@Guest: thank you
She's Len's planner for everything now, as payback for Len driving everyone insane while she was being introduced.
Not relevant to this comic but what was max's girlfriends name again? I can't find it and I'm trying to tell my friend about her
First aw ye* aw yes, watermelons, just what we need after drama

what's the deal with Skinny? Is she secretly a wild animal and weed calms her down?
Take your time and if you're feeling depressed and not able to work then take even more time and just care for yourself, we'll all be here for you.
@✠ᗫeus℣ult!!!✠: I have tried Roblox and I just didn't like it, yeah i know it got better but it just doesn't float my boat or make sense in any way, shape, or form. Sorry.
Same, Izzy. That's also my reaction to Roblox.
Happy early birthday! (love the comic, it's awesome)
"Just asleep" Uhhh... No.. Honey.. They're.. They're dead.
*casually wants to punch him in the face* Heeeeey come to my school friendo, totally straight people here *is totally gay aka genderfluid, pan, and demi* i protect u
The flowers are a nice touch, Max
Whoa the art style really evolved
I read it as 499 and i thought it was kinda sweet cus didn't Rei (rey idk) have one stuffed shark? then she could have 500!
@ShadowThorn: I'm so sorry I couldn't help but notice you said Chuck and not God. Hello fellow supernatual fan
Come on Daniel... You must have some humanity left in there somewhere! Don't hurt her.
Take all the time you need.
The one with the white hair looks like Russia from Hetalia
Not the puppy!!