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Genderfluid af and I am a major nerd
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Not the puppy!!
@AphroditeB%W: No it's cute which is why I fell... And it's gay, so nosebleed.
*falls over from cuteness and has a mega nosebleed* yessss
@AphroditeB%W: Can't wait! (I love your art style btw)
*freaking dead with a nosebleed*
@AphroditeB%W: Oh no that's not good what are you planning
YESSSS *squeals*
Take your time and don't worry about anything. We're just glad that you're okay. :)
I didn't know what to draw... Plus I was on a vaycay with Justin and thinking my drawing sucks
***rapidly breaths into paper bag***
***gulps gallon of water***
***clears throat***
Hmm, yes. Proceed
Izzy can I move onto your island and worship you? I have a lot of comics. Many comics.
Give into the yaoi. You know you want it~~~ *Also plz give the teacher a boy toy he needs one*
He is meeee
@portisHeart: Love your comment it's awesome. Mostly the last part XD. But I agree
But what???????