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what the hell why would they do that
@Your Local Ghost King: and im absolutely not saying that thats okay,but carter wasnt innocent in that situation either.could've seriously gotten them in trouble with the cops and ruined their life. Both sides were at fault,period.
atleast scott is aware
@TheOfficialTrashcan: i kinda agree but not the last part.Some people can be sad and depressed on their own,but sometimes that special someone can make everything different when theyre around.Doesnt always have to mean that if youre not happy w yourself-youre not happy w anyone.
@BoxyGirl96: yeah its different on phone and pc,figured that as well. :")
@Guest: well what do you expect? A funeral?
@HopelessSpirit: i go to an art school but it's always about teaching yourself in the end.Some people go to art school and all they do is sit around and do nothing,so yeah,good artists are always self taught
this is adorable
lmao the last panel
@Pink mana: surprised you haven't already
the red lumin woman is a hot mess
yup,i proved myself right for disliking her.Now i hate her.Good for me.
how about more green less corpse
only unwillingly in bed,if were speaking of this universe
is she...the one who "betrayed the queen" as the queen said it?
badass version of the red riding hood
@Razain666: i kinda dislike her,but we'll see
if thats the queen for some reason i imagined her to be a fat blonde with a bad attitude