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a bitter lesbian but also a juicy pimple ready to get popped.
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" mY fAtHeR WiLl HeAr aBoUt ThIs "
oml this is adorable
oh shut up scott,i finally started to...feel neutral about you,dont fuck that up
everyones talking about how Kylee is a top and all but honestly...hes not?? Like,maybe in his previous life before this,but over here? Kim is the top.
this looks amazing id love to play it
me in social situations
id beat his ass right there and then no hesitation
nevermind,maybe he is a schizo after all.
i dont think these voices are because hes a schizophrenic,i think its just depression and anxiety because i get these a lot as well.Its not really voices.
this is actually quite sad,i remember feeling like this too but its gotten better
honestly yall cant blame imre for just being cautious and not taking any risks,you never know what if they were monsters capable of destroying the whole village?
this is so cute im-
yeah theres totally not a hickey on your neck
the blonde looks like the guy from that vine 'adam!'
poor till.
@M-24: wouldnt have noticed it if u didnt mention it lol and its even obvious
the best part is that this is based on a true story
@Meloh: yeah,cant really remember but i know that its a Light type and that you get it from Arah dungeon i thinkk