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@ScaryCircus: I meant Khan,and wow! i thought of gryffindor as well but i was like naah.As for Sam,i figured it's a girl but i'm glad that you made her transgender(since not many people do that i guess) :D
i love plots when two childhood friends meet again.Im actually currently writing a story and thats the main plot
duuuuude that bod tho dayuuum he looks so majestic lmao
@slim stories: been having fun from the beginning.I love the plot and i've got so many questions about "what's gonna happen next" and such,but it just got even more interesting. \o
those bullies don't realize that they're actual murderers.
i'd imagine he'd be either a slytherin or a ravenclaw
the thing im liking about this so far is that the good guys are usually portrayed all clean and looking like a real goodie but this guy may look creepy as shit but is actually a good character
i love the colors and the atmosphere
the style is beautiful already
that virginity is already taken boy
this is so fun actually
never been more thankful for some random irrelevant character
love the positive start
man what am i saying this is AMAZING.
btw i think its great so far.
"yes daddy"