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If you happen to mix social anxiety,spaghetti,sarcasm and gayness you'll get me.
As you can already see,i'm a gay female who ironically reads BL's.
Anyway,my hobbies are games,music and comics.
what i listen to a lot:

Bring me the Horizon
Three Days Grace
Hollywood Undead
Linkin Park
The Neighbourhood
Dark/Elven Instrumental

tumblr: asuishi (a very cringy name that i'm planning on making another account but i'm really fucking lazy.)
zodiac sign: aries ;^)
i tend to get passive agressive.....24/7.
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@waving_cheshire: Says a lot about their god and religion.Just gonna say that.
Well,the strongest people can break sometimes.
fuckin stoooOOOOP
September 30th, 2017
@Puppet-Mother: your profile pic yes please
September 30th, 2017
Scott,FUCK you.Lee,FUCK you too.Never liked any of you.
@WarriorNun: ahhHHH yes,i know that guy as well haha.
@AutumnWolf20: hah,when you say it like that it sounds easy.Trust me,i've had my hair cut a shit ton of times and i thought that "it would just grow out and everything will be fine" but turns out my hair grows really really slow.
@Jazmin Zombie: It's not a surprise to stumble across someone who likes the same comics as you on this site,i mean c'mon (": ,but hello there!
@AutumnWolf20: ahh nice,i've been thinking (and kinda wanting) to get that one but i'm not sure if it'll fit me well.
@WarriorNun: are those Simon Curtis lyrics? sounds like him,i know i've heard them before tho.
fuck,the lighting in this comic is bomb.
September 27th, 2017
honestly,if i happened to be in this school and FOUND OUT about this,Lee would be fucking dead i swear to god.
@AutumnWolf20: literally same,and she does look like kian-more reasons to not like her
just realized i have the same hairstyle as Kat,as well as the undercuts.Wow.Although mine is red,but whatever.
September 22nd, 2017
Image not available hhh
September 21st, 2017
ugh. <3
what a great example he is
September 18th, 2017
@Guest: Ah yes,that too,i totally forgot about that.

Well shit.
okay but would you look at Vorells ass
@Hematite: Maybe but i feel like i have to go there myself,push him away roughly but unintentionally and be like "WHAT IS IT".