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Chendra Limiarja
I'm just your typical normal student. Who likes videogames and stuff. Don't just stay here, mate, just read some other comics. I don't make comics, I read and just comment on them. That's how lazy I am. Really. I'm not even kidding, I'm really lazy. Also, I can't draw. Which makes me hate drawing. Which also makes me even more lazier. Still reading my profile? C'mon, man, read some comics. You're wasting your time.
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i'm gonna die if this ends up in some kind of kirby chain of memories comic
void kirby isn't much for conversation
so all i'm seeing is a corpse of a not so all mighty god-dice flying to god knows where for god knows why
that's it?
no kabooms or explosions or anything?
isn't miracle matter's dead body supposed to be exploding instead of just straight up falling on the floor to be some kind of play dice
laiba chill dude
that was not very cash money of you
whoa what problems
yknow usually i'd call miracle matter a coward
but i'd admit i'd seem like a hypocrite considering he's being ganged up by kirbies with mixed and powered up abilities so i guess i'm just gonna shut my up and feel really sorry for it silently
once you remember patterns as muscle memory it's all easy
kinda like sans
sans was hell to me
emphasis on was
okay now i can see why laiba said yalini acted way different
I'll be very honest.
I'm very interested in Darkrai's anatomy.
Like, dude. The Oricorios can't adapt to his anatomy THAT fast. Especially when Darkrai's a first timer, and he's a legendary pokemon AND he has a weird body shape.
unless it's the same spa process and it doesn't need knowledge of pokemon anatomy like the humans
Oh right, Laiba did say something about Floristra being the guildmaster's sister.
but jesus christ the difference between their personalities are as clear as night and day
and this my friend lovrina, is why you don't mess with a legendary pokemon who got taught by a lopunny to be a better person (pokemon?)
now there are 3 things that can happen
kirby can only "store" one ability at once
or if kirby can "store" every ability at multiple succession, it can go like this:
kirby will use the abilities depending on the form of miracle matter and then ultimately defeat it with either these:
-a normal attack
-literally every single ability he gets combined into a super ability, kinda like ultra sword and the likes
Oh hey, it's uh...
I- uh...
they existed...?
laiba goes to search for yalini and apologizes for that sudden outburst
i'm very surprised that jen is not surprised when they got a new base and it's designed after gengar and instead just says "hahaa neat"