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Chendra Limiarja
I'm just your typical normal student. Who likes videogames and stuff. Don't just stay here, mate, just read some other comics. I don't make comics, I read and just comment on them. That's how lazy I am. Really. I'm not even kidding, I'm really lazy. Also, I can't draw. Which makes me hate drawing. Which also makes me even more lazier. Still reading my profile? C'mon, man, read some comics. You're wasting your time.
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    A light bulb that questions stuff. I guess.
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if she's gonna blow her cover up like any other stuff where the hero/villain just blows their cover and straight up attack the villain/hero, then i will be both very disappointed and hyped.
Oh! Clever!
Having dream abilities ARE really useful, apparently.
well... unless you enter a dream where the floor is all lava and stuff.
Still. I call hax.
what in the name of nova is this
this didn't happen in the butterfly effect
And no Arceus?!
Ah god dang it.
Welp, at least they got the Space Globe.
Aaand they're possibly gonna die of hunger.
wait, is that a good thing or a bad thing?
it could be a good thing, and it could be a bad thing.
Let's just hope that Arceus just wants to fix the world and be friends and possibly have a nice cup of tea with Jen and the squad.
And also, I feel your pain. Mummy is the most annoying and worst possible ability that an opponent can have.
Gah, damn critical hits.
What the heck?! Slashes shouldn't even kill a Rocca that easy. It's a damn Normal-type move! Last thing I checked, it doesn't deal double damage or something like that.
Then again, most critical hits DO kill Pokemon regardless of their types...
Ah, damn it to hell.
Afraid of centipedes?
Scolipede's gonna be useful, just so you know.
And hey, another Indonesian-based name.
Nice to meetcha, fellow Indonesian.
Heh... guess I'm bit'a late, but hey, don't really care.
Welp, lots of feelings here. Lots of deaths, lots of anger, lots of sadness, et cetera.
Quite a mix of feelings.
Overall, this is quite nice, it's got new stuff, and it just doesn't blindly follow the original game's plot. So it's quite creative.
If I had to choose which was my favorite ever death, I'd say Ghetsis.
He took a lot of things.
Damn him to hell.
First thought of seeing Santana: Santana? Now that's familiar.
*a few panels later*
Nevermind. His entire team is basically Pillar Men. God damn, mate.
Aaaand they're emanating the same menacing aura Pillar Men do. And Whammu just taking Kars' pose.
And oh fuck. Another one BITES ZA DUSTO.
Should've added "Ridiculously huge fan of Steven Universe" as an extra point in the profile there.
oh wow
You really DO watch Jojo, huh?
can't believe it. at all.
did... did he just...
did he just eat a rare candy along with the wrapper?
i can't believe i'm literally fucking deciphering that big-ass wall of text and i found duwang.
what the fuck mate you watch jojo bro
it's been years since i've found someone big who makes something big and puts jojo references in fucking april fools pranks.
thanks for the award, 'preciate it.
Is it weird that I actually studied Ancient Unovan language in a day, and now I'm able to decipher the runes 100% correctly?