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Yori Hayashi Chan
I'm working on a comic right now, but it won't be up for a long time. I want to do it, and THEN put it up. :D Yeah!

So I'll just stalk all of your accounts for now.

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I believe that Anon was referring to the " who..." part of the second bubble. You didn't forget a word but the phrasing is just slightly awkward. Not a big deal but I'm pretty sure that's what they meant.

Now, as for inked versus penciled... as much as I would love to see more updates, and as much as I love pencil drawings, you are one of the few pro-level artists on here and the inked pages just kinda suit that better. But I'd be happy with either. :)
Actually, there is a trick I use with coin tossing... when you're confused about what your heart wants you to do, just flip heads or tails and if your stomach sinks in dismay, you know what you really want to do. haha. :) But following your heart doesn't always work either... -___-
This is going to sound weird but I love her mouth in the first panel. Hahaha :)
So happy to see an update! :D I wanna see the ending! Almost there!
Okay, I totally get this now. :) Good one.
I don't understand how him being "her jealousy" correlates to her not realizing she loves Rei, but you're the artist and you'll phrase things differently... Haha. Nice page.
And... yet, he didn't remember her before???
O_O She wants to get rid of Rei??? Eh?
:O Aaahhh???
I agree, that is an odd answer... Looking forward to another explanation. :)
:) Hey, if you say that it's necessary, then I will gladly wait around and see. And, thank you for taking it well; it's nice to see people who can handle the opinions of others.
Yeah. This makes it really seem like she didn't love that guy in the first place. And, I'm sorry, but the idea that you can just move on like that and love a guy after one conversation is not right. It's typical shoujo manga, but it isn't real. "Love" is not a feeling so much as it is a commitment that you make to someone even though you know what they've been through and you know the problems they have. It's not a strong crush that may or may not make you cry.

Sorry, but that's not love. I'm a little disappointed too. This doesn't feel real at all.

On the bright side, good art. :)


So, first off... (and these aren't necessarily critiques or anything...) why should it matter that she's over the guy? O_o That's kind of a silly thing to wanna spread around... And... On top of that, tell me she's pranking him. She can't possibly love him that fast. Please. O_O;; Oh, goodness. I'm so confused.
LOL! I love this. :)
Poor guy is probably gonna be confused. LOL!
GAAAH!!! You're back!!! :D I'm so happy! I love your art! Don't leave again!!!
Woah, they aren't gonna try to get into the computer to change her grades, are they? OwO

I could go on and on... ahahaha..