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Lol look, I’ll get to the comics eventually alright. School and general disinterest are what’s keeping me away, and I’m still leaning things like anatomy, perspective, and other such things. No idea when I’ll be ready, sorry.
Here have more of my stalling, This was a speed to see how quick I can work, this took 90 minutes.
Procrastination Continues
I haven’t got as much time for art anymore, though soon that won’t be a problem. My final year of schooling ends in the coming May, so I’ll have a lot more time then. Until then, I’ll keep improving bit by bit. Have this design of a new boyo I’m developing.
Title Drop
Queue Credits
I’ve been doing work when it comes to art. Decided to draw a small RP moment, this Here is Flare Mew, Character belongs to a friend.
Sadly, this exact situation is how it starts for a lot of people.
Thank you, theyve been changed a lot and these are the ones I’m happy with
The comic shall be uploaded to this site for now.
When I get all my designs down and catch a break with school, I should be ready to kick 5ings into gear.
Still working on getting character designs and such, have a main character!
Hi, I’m Alive
I’ve been busy practicing my art skills, have a character concept of my OC Continuum Lapse.
Doing some character concepts before I begin, just getting into full body drawings now so more practice is needed before I take this on.
Lol, I’ll actually do this eventually

Lost my inspiration again

That’s what my account is gonna be, plenty of comic ideas, with 0 motive to actually do something with it.

Did somebody say EoS AU?
Here we go!
This comic is the prequel to the one I had planned. That comic never got started due to lack of art skill, however I set to change that. This comic is purely for practice, which means I will not obsess over how everything looks. I expect things to look off.

Over time we should notice improvement as I learn new things, but as of now, let’s get going!
This is the point where his fortune basically tells some kind of prophecy and that he’s gotta scar the world or some other shit lol
@Darvin: Was about to mention that as well
“I don’t remember any of it”