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B.A. Robin
I am plainly and simply, a lover of the arts. Whether it's drawing, painting, photography, videography, piano, violin, or singing, I love it. Music is especially a great inspiration for me. When I want to generate some fresh ideas, I will make a playlist of music, grab my headphones, and sit down and start sketching.

You'll see at least two styles from my artwork. Semi-realism is a favorite style of mine; I very much enjoy crossing realism with cartoonistic traits to create unique pieces of art. On the flip side, I love telling stories, and making witty comics, and even fan-art occasionally.

Here on smackjeeves, you will find my semi-realistic style comics. Just know, I pour my heart and soul into my comics. I don't try to rush them. And when I do create something, I won't half-ass it.

I hope you you enjoy my comics! :)