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Well, I love motorcycles (american style) and Rock. Also old videogames, classical literature, classical music, jazz occasionaly, Blues always, ummm old cartoons PCs. I love making Music, I play Harmonica and flute, also sing in a band.I'm kind of political.

Also Any Artists interested in drawing an Action/storyline comic in Collab with a writer (I.E me) PM me. I have an idea I'd like to try, but my drawing sucks soooo yeah
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I love Hex' expression in that last panel
Oh, this just works on SO many levels
This makes 2
of your comics that I like, you have a great style (writing and art)!
I'm surprised they didn't hurt themselves with a 3
April 21st, 2008
At first I kept trying to figure out what explicit sex act the Goomba was trying to elicit, and why he would repeat the German word for yes over and over again. Look at his face when he asks "BR" you know what he's after
I'll sell you one for only $50
I'll bet none of them even know what Kobaah is
Wow!! It really Works !!!
either the mouth or hands, If I have top choose one I'll say mouth
She can't fight well, and she has no wounds (I can see) Where did the blood come from ?
Sorry to hear youre upset,
but , hey, at least it gives you inspiration
Oddly enough
I'm a straight guy and love doing that as well
This comic is bigger than my computer screen, and when I scrolled down to the second tier it didn't quite look like what it was, I could only see "Gry robot Noises" and it looked, well, try it you'll see
Sorry but,
Your last name is actually "Bourgeois" ? Wow, that's, that's something alright.
You'd think Jack of all people would know how to roleplay
Haha Jokes one you
My mommy's G-string is Red!
(Sad but True fact, I have a friend who actually had to fold his mother's G-string as he did the rest of the laundry, he was 8 at the time)
What do you mean!?
All my characters are Chaotic Awesome, in fact , so is anything I have to do with
Oh Please !
Everyone knows that The Prophet killed the last flying spaghetti monster in revenge for crucifying Christ ,The Prophets Father, in 54 BC
Seriously ?
Cause I've always thought nerdy chicks were hot as hell
A whole new twist on the name of the Poem "O Captain, my Captain"