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yo, the fuck

this is being regularly updated and I've only just found out?

Fucking hype.
Time to go back and read up <3
@Reidy: I literally forgot this existed. woops
Christ. This is going to be one colossal shitpost. Strap in bois.
Rita man the fuck up.
oh fuck just realzied this has been updating

Pls continue Neroe.
Go, team attack! Wipe her out in one go
Rally the troops bois. We're going in.
Update more or we riot.
@kwane: Yeah, it's likely due to the catastrophic amount of missing pages.
September 12th, 2017
Lil bit of character and relationship building?
Sure, why not.
just realized, the whole reason this comic died

is because the gizoid's weapon isn't 10 times the size of him like everyone else.

Fix this.
jen confirmed stay at home mom. next arc
August 19th, 2017
Apologies. Updates are about to be a little out whack still. Hopefully I can drop two a week still!
August 17th, 2017
@Frost The Wolf: I honestly have no idea how I didn't catch that.

@Shard: Metting is the 2017 version of getting Ace'd. Leggo.

@Light-Called-Hope: fuck if i know
August 16th, 2017
I still need to do something kind of special for 100, but for now, let there be an early page!
August 14th, 2017
Season 2 starts soon! Sadly, won't be able to give a concrete time and start date.

I do have to get WST, University work and commissions done however. So the uploads will be slow until that's taken care of.

<embed src=" ps:// utaeba_eng_by_cozah-dbk0h4g.mp3&t0=Season2&total=1" quality="high" wmode="transparent" width="200" height="10" name="billy" align="middle" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" />
God damn it Jen. Stop being so uptight.
@jameswolf100: I say go for 2 updates a week every week. Be a man god damn it Nitro!
@Afroman17: I'll be uploading a page shortly explaining what happened, why and where we go from here.