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Brain Boy
I'm just a guy with a megaman-X-recolor avatar.

I know what "bob and george" is, and I've vowed never to read it through again.

I know what 8-bit theater is, and I stopped reading, for the sake of my immortal soul.

I know who elda is, and UNLIKE HIM, I'm single...

There. Now you know all you need to know to get along with me.

I'm also southern baptist.
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    Barry Tone
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clap if you wan't the story to keep going!

*clappity clappity clap*
There will be more. just wait a few days. Ryan won't leave us hanging like this...

At least not with such a sad ending.
I'm probably the only guy in the history of history to call COMBO BREAKER on himself.
Your style is a lot like the one on "Nerf Now".
I really wish someone other than us would comment. I really do.

PS: I saw you run away, just like the rest of us, Elda.
True Story
This actually happened on a TF2 server me and Elda were on. I don't know who originally had the idea, but I swear I will buy his drinks for the rest of his life and kiss his smelly feet while I'm doing the buying.
You, sir, just made my day.
Holy Broken Shift Button, Batman.
Gaah... I hate it when fan writers do this...
Oh, you're on lotus, too? Here's my profile. Let's try to find each other on dustbowl sometime.
Aw, what the heck. excuses all around, too.

I've been really busy with school, and all my free time has been spent getting all of the unlockables in Team Fortress 2.

I'll tell ya, THAT is my new Crack. Step over, WoW, TF2 is the new online addiction.
It's a bit lackluster, I know.

I'm no good with Photoshop.
Or DOES he...?
What... the HECK... is THAT!?
The New Guy
He's the rightful successor, and you all know it.
Wow, sean. You even beat ryan.

Wow, me. I even beat Ryan.
This is either a bad dream or a REEEEEALY bad joke.

And I'm neither laughing nor getting visited by Samus Aran.
I thought you were the one who ruined christmas last year.
You don't know that. Maybe Warman got adopted.
He gets rowdy when he's enclosed in a small space with only one other human for company.

And also drunk.