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I made a Kirlia Pumpkin. :3
Just made this.
I really don't have time for updates right now because school is taking up all of my time, but Smackjeeves needed a cover page, so here's an update on one I whipped up rather quickly. 0_0;
Eh? Better late than never.
This isn't a trend, I just had a spark of artistic drive and decided to roll with it.

Have a pumpkin.

<img src="" border="0" alt="zubat Halloween 2 photo 2015-11-08 22.52.03_zpsbmj1bg3z.jpg"/>

Also, my old computer and printer kinda died so I'm readjusting to the new scanner/computer so everything might be kinda big until I get the kinks worked out.
Special Comics are So Much Fun!
A slice of life comic? In 'I Like To Draw Zubats'? More likely than you'd think!
So here we are the official point where I have made more comics for this comic than I have ever made with all my previous comics combined. Even the ones I've never posted anywhere. This comic took hours to complete, which combined with me going to school translates to days or weeks of work. However, I still wanted to get it out before I overrode any special comics with normal update ones.

This comic utilized all my limited skills for comic-making. I wrote the script, and story boarded the idea. I drew multiple iterations of the each drawing until I got one that worked. I started working on this project back around the time I posted the hotel stays (contradictory to the over-complicating comic). Then on the technology side, I used to rotate and resize a bunch of drawings. Normal Paint.exe for editing some drawings and general layout purposes.

The main difficulty with this comic was not the technical stuff, but really a sense of scale. The box definitely changed dimensions, but I was really trying to give a sense of "How big is Zubat?" (Malocular is a name I've been throwing around since the Collector comic) and "How big is Kirlia in relation to Zubat?" (I've also been throwing around Curly for her.) I was going for posing, and expressing emotions much more naturally, so people can understand the comic without needing a bunch of words. If I knew how to convey an Anniversary without simply saying it, then I would have and with the Poffins idk ...I guess that was a mistake whatever.
This comic, and all these comics are made for you guys and gals that stick with me through this project. You might not comment much, but it is always awesome to hear your input. It makes it feel worth it. So Thank you for sticking with me and I hope to be able to produce more of these in the future!

Thank you

Hatter98 for being my first "real" fan.

Janobii for your continued compliments.

1ce_k1d for being the first to comment on my site and being the most frequent commenter.

The short-lived Rhaphoenix for inspiring me to drawing things other than Zubat.

Kennelofdog, ModestMouse, Wugfish, AscherWolf4, Sike and Vixenkiba for being part of the 9 fans roll-out, and inspiring me to try my hand at drawing all your avatars. @_@

redyoshi93 for making things difficult. :P

And finally, supersonic1009, Linkziken, frogace55, starrysky789, ShinigamiMaxwell, natleimas and PokeManiac_girl for joining my motley crew of fans.

I sincerely thank all of you for helping me out, and supporting me. If you ever have a suggestion, I'll truly consider it and try to make it a reality.
Next comic is number 100, I do have something planned, but I'm not sure if I want to because this is the real special one. I'll think about it.

It explains the ribbon.

Below this line was the original comment/rant for this comic.
As seen above, I'm working on the 99th comic special. I'm missing two drawings and then I'm going to do like 98 and compile them together in a more professional manner. However, I'm not home right now. And as much fun as it would be to try to take decent pictures of the art with a camera phone, upload them to my laptop, so that I can edit the photos into a comic (which I was preparing to do and even bought a transfer cable for $20 so I could do), I decided instead to finish the drawings tonight and tomorrow and scan them all with my new scanner at home. Sure it doesn't fit with my new mantra of upload whatever as long as it's on Wednesday, but this is the special one and I already thoroughly missed the one year anniversary (not to mention the other special comic), so I'm going to make this one better, dang it!

So run-on sentences aside, this description, comic and title should be fixed on Thursday, if not then definitely by Friday, but please feel free to give me a message if I somehow get amnesia and forget to do that. No I haven't played Touhou.
You remember this thing right?
From this comic way back when? It has evolved since then, but is still a horrible monster. I hate it and want it to just run away, but it keeps just watching carefully or some other crap.


This looks more like a rhydon than this looks like a rhyhorn, right? Or is that vice-versa? I never learn and my signature looks super goofy.


Or I could make it a series now, and do all that other stuff...later?
So why isn't it a ghost type?
I mean that's what I've always understood right? Pokemon are creatures that when dead become ghost Pokemon and never truly go away. What do you mean ghost Pokemon can also die? I am confused and insulted.


I like how this one turned out considering that I didn't use any references and drew it up in like 30 minutes.


Maybe I'll make this into a series or something. After comic 100 obviously. I should also do an anniversary comic. And that special comic I said I would do. And the aftermath comics for the Hiker, Pokemon Collector, Ash Ketchum, Nuzlocke and Newbie Trainer. And all the other Moveset comics. As well as any back story of all the reoccurring characters. After all that, I should definitely continue this.
That's a real fortune.
Ate some chinese food and got this as a fortune. So then I wanted to make a comic, but asked a friend what he thought about the fortune and the combination of those two things resulted in this monstrosity being created. It's true though, besides Rain Dance, Zubats can't learn water moves.


I like playing around with the simple emotions. It's a challenge, and it's fun.


Anyone else get a weird fortune they'd like to share?
Can you tell?
It's like I'm posting without any ideas or direction! I even posted this comic without noticing that if you don't put something in the comment box beyond a Comment Title that it doesn't show up at all on the front page. I'm pretty good at this comic making thing.


Despite my complaints the art on this one wasn't terrible for a groggy, post-college student, who wakes up at 6 to go to a 9 o'clock class after staying in a hotel, so that he doesn't have to drive an hour to class. And to be creative during this time? The worst.


Did I mention the reason why I stopped posting was because I lost my primary notebook and sketchpad at an airport? So all my ideas that I had planned out until comic 100 were all lost and I've been slowly trying to rewrite everything, while still keeping focused on a goal? It's like I should be writing these as news posts or something.
Obviously shouldn't check road conditions
Assume the worst, always. Just because it's terrible in one city means that it's terrible everywhere, everyone knows that!


Yeah! Let's mess up the eyes then fix them so that he looks stressed. Nobody will notice! This one is also smaller than all the others strangely!


I had a pretty terrible snowstorm this day, however it only really hit one part of Michigan, and I lived in another area about an hour away. Little did I know that the freeways were clear. OOPS!
Heh heh hee...yeah. Sorry about this.
Popped into my head a couple of days ago, and I decided to start writing and sketching it up and it turned into this monstrosity. Note that Kirlia's design was originally drawn with the ribbon and scarf, while Zubat and Phanpy were mostly bare when I drew them originally


Let's critique art!
1. Man, it's like impossible to tell which Pokemon were resized!
2. Drawing Pokemon facing other directions is "super easy"!
3. Art consistency is for chumps!
4. I'm actually proud of this comic!


I'm not "back" yet, but I'm hoping this tides you over in case number 99 and number 100 get delayed a bit. I thought up all these puns while at work. So if they exist elsewhere, I don't really care! Also, had to rewrite the script twice, and redraw each stick man at least twice per new pose.

*+~Because drawing dynamic poses with stick people is always a good idea!~+*
Wait, this isn't Hotel Stay man.
I'm complaining about some of the images I was drawing for Comics 99 and 100 in this. They're going to be special, so obviously I'm not going to edit them on a computer. Because that would be silly.
Also, I make comics for the internet sometimes, you may have heard me! Welcome person who subscribed only to unsubscribe when I actually started updating again!


This is totally a real good drawing of a Zubat, guys and gals!

Oh, you weren't saying anything, sorry.


This is what I do when I'm frustrated. At least, I haven't disappeared yet.
This is not Gen1.
This is a normal talking Zubat. Not the Zubat that is angry and also has eyes. Just a normal Zubat, that is wearing a top hat and drinking tea, WHO decided recently to purchase a monocle to help with his poor eyesight. Or so he claims.


I love this comic so much that I want to redraw it and make it into a shirt! I am super depressed that I decided to draw this on a napkin, so that I would have to redraw it to make it possible.


I've tried for the past 10 months to draw this image and have failed so many freaking times doing it! But when I do get it right, it was supposed to be a doodle and it was on a napkin! Gah! Zubats don't have eyes! That's the joke. I'm leaving!

*Door slam*

I don't even have anything to clean up this mess anymore! Argh!
Drew this on a napkin.
Deal with-
*Sunglasses fall off because he's wearing normal glasses already*
Gah da-
*Falls out of chair*


Super happy about this one, and the fact that the napkin didn't tear at all. Also, she wears gloves because I'm tired of not being able to draw beefy hands and the Pokemon Kirlia has effectively hands with two fingers, so this is still accurate. Shut up. You're a mitten.


That was wildly inappropriate, sorry. Enjoy the image as it's effectively Human Kirlia's final design. And yes, her hat is removable, the fins are just decorative, and dynamic poses are super hard to convey. But you should definitely try this if you're feeling stressed, try to harken back to your carefree childhood before you fully understood how dreary, or wondrous, real life is!
Hotel Stays: The Inspiration
I started doing the hotel stay comics after creating this comic. But then I realized I never uploaded this one! Oops! Now it falls in line with my updates, and I will write descriptions for the other ones, I just haven't had the time to do so.

More on this later.


And thanks again for putting up with me this past year. Between creative blocks, life's frustrations and school, I've been having a hard time putting out the energy for the comic. But for all that you guys and gals have stuck with me, I truly thank you and hope once this is all over I can start churning out the level of quality expected for this comic. :D
Free Paper!
Just one of the amenities of a hotel that some people just don't take advantage of, and that's pretty weird. The hotel did smell weird that day, but it was a one time thing thankfully and I haven't had a problem since!


Wow! I gotta make sure to scale these things down before posting in haste, between the time drawing it and running off to class. This is an important thing to do. Maybe I should reupload it, so that it's smaller? fails to do this


Am I back? Yes? People are still here, but also gone. I'm a Zubat! Maybe they used a Repel, so I'll just screech until they come back! EEE EEE EEE~
One question.
I know I was one of those people who supported the idea of uploading your old version of this comic when you started making this version. So I was wondering if you could re-upload that version to smackjeeves, maybe as an alternate comic or in the Extras section? If you don't have it anymore I understand, but I always liked looking at the original and seeing the little nuances of differences until the true separation was made and this comic continued forward. Thanks regardless!
Wow, I remember this.
I used to love this comic way back when you first developed it. It was one of those comics I picked up after reading through a comic called Zero and another called Tales of BarfQuestion. Though ultimately it might have appeared through a voting site, I don't remember exactly.

I always enjoyed its charm, and having its own sense of blending a coming-of-age story with a supernatural adventure. I enjoyed the character development and watching them grow into their abilities and always wondering what their symbols were about.

I, for one, thank you for uploading this to Smackjeeves, so that we can hopefully have an archive of your comic on the web forever. Smackjeeves serves as a free mirror for anyone's comic and it's nice to see it here. I hope your situation works out so that you may someday be able to come back to this comic. Good luck!
Alternate title: Kirlia used Har...yeah no
Hey, it's one of those things I made while on hiatus that I never posted! It's the Kirlia from this image!

And she's spinning due to this Pokédex FireRed entry:
"The cheerful spirit of its Trainer gives it energy for its psychokinetic power. It spins and dances when happy."

And again from this Pokédex Black and White entry:
"If its Trainer becomes happy, it overflows with energy, dancing joyously while spinning about."

Enjoy and I hope you don't get too dizzy!
I can also upload just the forward facing Kirlia if the dithering is a little too annoying.


This statue is the product of 3-4 days of work. First molding the clay for the body, then the hair, then the hat and finally her clothes. Afterwards, followed with 3 layers of paint that were needed in order to hide my mistakes. :/ I originally wanted to make a full bodied statue, but I decided to stop because A: I didn't have enough clay at the time and B: I had made the top half a little too top heavy. I'm quite happy with this sculpture and how the colors turned out, however it's far from perfect.

Some little errors were caused by paint splatter and water drippings that had to be fixed endlessly. I did the smart thing and made her hat separate, but then followed up doing a dumb thing and placing it on her head before painting it. This resulted in an odd jutting in front of her on a side view, and made painting between her hair and hat really annoying. Also, a few of her hair curls cracked and fell of while painting, which is always good. Nope.

Fun Fact: I completely forgot about eye shine until I showed one of my friends and then added it afterwards.

I'm working on some other comics, especially with the one year anniversary June 22 and less urgent comic 100 looming. However, because I'm a bit out of practice these comics might be a little less than what I was hoping. Thanks for sticking with me for the long haul and I hope you continue to stick around as I grow! :)


Do you think that Human form Kirlia and Human form Zubat should have names? Or the characters in general, leave suggestions in the comments and I'll consider them!

Human form Kirlia (c) Me
Kirlia (c) Pokémon and Nintendo
@Janobii: Thanks I really appreciate the support.

Also, I really love your new avatar. That looks so neat!
Wow. Sorry about the tremendous wait.
So a little history. I'm a super big procrastinator and when I finish something, I have a really hard time getting it out to people unless it feels perfect. This difficulty extends the longer I wait until I either reach a breaking point (i.e now) or I give up entirely (i.e. every other comic/written series I've made before this one). This is due to my inability to reach past my self-determined limits and focus so much time and effort in completing something, that it causes me unneeded stress and I never really get anything done.

However, in this case I never really gave up on the comic. This is because it was based on a sketchbook, notepad, scratchpad, sticky note and anything else I could get my hands on medium. So I could literally create hundreds of rough drafts on all sorts of surfaces and other means. What was I working on you might ask? I was working on a thank you for all the fans that stuck with me during my hiatuses. Silly, I know because what most people really want are updates, not thank yous or acknowledgement. Furthermore, this comic was not originally for fans, but a way to express myself and just have fun, and most importantly -relieve stress- which I pretty much failed entirely.

So now it's June. I finished classes early, they were "at your own pace classes" and they officially ended in May. Since I finished them, so early I wanted to make a snarky sketch of how I'm bad at coming back from hiatuses, which I made in April. But instead of just uploading it, I instead wanted to wait until my birthday, so I could get a new scanner. My birthday is May 1st. When I got it, I should have just uploaded then, but instead I thought it would be better to redraw the image in a better style. However, I still didn't upload because I felt so guilty I waited so long without any updates. And now it's June, where I reached my breaking point, and redrew it again and actually decided to upload it, and not just the new one, but the previous old ones as well.

This is actually a bit of a milestone, in a way, because the whole reason I started this comic was because I had reached a breaking point in my life and I wanted to start creating something again. Strange that I waited until almost the one year anniversary (if you can really call it that with a six-month gap of no updates) of the comic to come to this realization.

So where to now? Well I'm free until the end of August to make updates. I'm definitely not up to uploading 5x a week or anything, but I am working on several comics that are at the very least written. I also have a couple of other projects that I have created that I want to show off. What about the special comic? If I make it, I'll upload it immediately and won't try to "fit it in a spot" like I originally planned to do because it's really not that "special" anymore. As for a milestone comic, I may churn something out, but I'm not making anymore promises.

The good news is that this coming semester should be my last for a while. So maybe a 3-4 month hiatus in August at the most? I don't know. However, I certainly won't disappear again like this.

So if you read all that thanks! Otherwise enjoy my return! Next update is set to WHENEVER. Ha ha.

~Justin Grachan 2014