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I'm StarlightNexus-Chan on deviantart. I made an account here in hopes of spreading my comic series. So...I hope you like them!
My dream is to become an illustrator, and I'm slowly getting there. I'm a taken ol dork, but I enjoy talking to others if possible.
Hope you enjoy... :)

It's a peaceful Saturday afternoon rn, so here's another page.
Sorry for no activity for so long. Been working intensely on commissions so I can save money for a new laptop as my current one needs to be replaced soon.
Anyway, hope you enjoy the page-
Hope you enjoy... :)

Another page. The uploads are going to be random until September.
Hope you enjoy... :)

Second side story to the series. If you'd like to read the first one, you can read it here: ow-802914873
Hope you enjoy... :)

Lil intermission between chapter 7 and 8. A side story will be up next.
Yalini and Laiba enjoying a snooze together on a Sunday afternoon.

Credit for the comic's logo goes to MickeyMario64 on deviantart.
Chapter 7 is now complete. Thank you to those who have been following the story thus far :)
Stay tuned for the continuation of the comic. Gonna need at least a day or two to sketch future pages :)
Hope you enjoy the comic.
Work for college is slowly straying away from my free time after class hours, so hoping to get another page done this week.
Another page today of SoS. Hope you enjoy.
Forgot about the deformed bubbles. I'll do em on the next page.
Another page today of SoS. Hope you enjoy-
Back with a reboot
Heya everyone!
So uh, sorry for going on hiatus for such a long time. It wasn't my intention, but two things happened that caused said hiatus.
One was college. With it I couldn't focus on two comics at a time. Much less three. The other was well, I felt that I didn't plan this story well enough, and was doing too many complicated things with it. So I did the scripting/story again, and we go.

This comic will be in the manga style so I can practice it and be able to make pages in less amount of time.
It'll also be left to right reading.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the return of SoS. And thank you for waiting.
Hope you enjoy the comic.
Sorry for delay. I'll continue doing pages every week until the semester for college is done.