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Hai, to anyone who's reading this! Welcome to my profile thingy here!
I'm StarlightNexus-Chan on deviantart. I made an account here in hopes of spreading my comic series. So...I hope you like them!
My dream is to become an illustrator, and I'm slowly getting there. I'm 17 with a lovely partner and amazing friends <3
Oh hey extra page this week wow much wow .O. Help
@comercole: Got it
it's pretty good, though there could be some change in some of the music timing
Here's the treat squad! ^ ^

Through the course of the week I drew Team Erstwhile and Kai in a sort of anime/manga style, just for fun. Also made after GOTU designs for them (except HB where the green on his paws are just shorter ^ ^; )

Anyway, hope you like it! They're also on my twitter -> pink heart {big} pink heart {big}

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Whoa--- *Shot*

Don't worry she'll tell her--
Felt like doing a page from this comic, since I haven't for awhile. Though, I'm rarely going to post pages from this. I'd decided to do one comic series at a time, so that I could finish one earlier. So then...first it'll be GOTU, then SoS, and then two sequels to GOTU. Hope that's alright.
Our Pain
Note- This isn't a vent.

I made this about a week ago...but forgot to post it here ^ ^;

A little on the depressing side...but I couldn't resist.'s the four main characters of GOTU, each presented in their own broken selves.

Yalini - Suffering because of who she is and her appearance.

Laiba - In pain because she lost someone that meant the universe to her.

Hoverboots - In tears because he struggles to stay strong and smile for his friends, even in dark times.

And finally, the riolu who's name will be revealed now. Kai, who stands alone, because he has no home.

I've been meaning to do this for awhile now, but kinda held back awhile ago, since GOTU's still at its early chapters. Anyway, hope you like it.

Characters belong to me.

DeviantArt version:
Finally kicking off GOTU again owo I'm try to get 2-3 pages out every week, and squish in time for commissions starting next week. Still getting back to the swing of things ^^;

Apologies in advance if it looks a little weird ^ ^;;; I was pretty tired when outlining/sketching. Future pages will be better