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Hai, to anyone who's reading this! Welcome to my profile thingy here!
I'm StarlightNexus-Chan on deviantart. I made an account here in hopes of spreading my comic series. So...I hope you like them!
My dream is to become an illustrator, and I'm slowly getting there. I'm 17 with a lovely partner and amazing friends <3
This week's page .3.
First page of chapter 5. Hope you enjoy~!

Also, cameos of peoples characters from deviantart! Those belong to them.
@AyVap: Thank you~ owo I'm glad you like it
@Coffeecat: I understand, no worries
@AyVap: Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it so far~
Chapter 5 is finally here~!

First page will come out later this week, I still got some assignments I need to do for one of my art classes
I think the comic good so far, story and art wise. My only suggestion is to proofread the dialogue for any grammar/spelling mistakes.
@Coffeecat: Yaaay I'm glad you think so
It's saturday so here's another page~
O.o Awesome

Thanks! I'm sure you'll enjoy the future chapters I have in store for this
When there's no school more pages come out :3
Chapter 4 is now complete :D With that said, I'm going to start storyboarding chapter 5 tomorrow, so no pages for a bit, apologies qwq But enjoy my other comic, Song of Souls, in the meantime!

I'll aim to finish storyboarding by next week.