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Hai, to anyone who's reading this! Welcome to my profile thingy here!
I'm StarlightNexus-Chan on deviantart. I made an account here in hopes of spreading my comic series. So...I hope you like them!
My dream is to become an illustrator, and I'm slowly getting there. I'm 17 with a lovely partner and amazing friends <3
School's started for me, so next one will probably be on Sunday ;;
@wifijoe: Will do, thank you
I still have final assignments before the exams, so studying time will be limited
@Flamel: Fixed. So sorry, I have no idea how that happened.
Next couple of pages may come out a little late, going back to school on Monday with heavy final assignments and exams later in the month *cri*
I forgot to put the title pages for the chapters so I'm a do it now before I pass out :V
Chapter 4 is here! :D

I only have 10 pages total at the moment, so may come out once a week after this (I also take a few weeks off of making pages to plan out the next chapter when finished the present one) ;v;
Last page of chapter three :3 I'll post the first page for chapter 4 tomorrow

Thank you for reading my comic thus far, it really means a lot ;w; I hope you all continue to enjoy it!
@AbbieQuail1: His Gracedia lets him stay in his sky forme, both day and night.
Another one :>

(Also, that move she used was dark pulse, for some reason they changed it in Sun and Moon ;v; B-but I'm going to change it back to the gen 6 and prior generations in future pages, so apologies ;w; )