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Hai, to anyone who's reading this! Welcome to my profile thingy here!
I'm StarlightNexus-Chan on deviantart. I made an account here in hopes of spreading my comic series. So...I hope you like them!
My dream is to become an illustrator, and I'm slowly getting there. I'm 17 with a lovely partner and amazing friends <3
Chapter 3 is finished over on DA, so pages will come out once per week again qwq Apologies

But I'll be planning chapter 4 for the next week or two
Ahh, that's really beautiful! I love they're eyes too, especially the dragonite owo
A bit of a heads up: In the next few pages there will be blood, so apologies for that owo;;;

Next one should be out on Monday, I'm only going to put five panels in the next page on DA.
@Flamel: Ahh, I hope you are intruiged by what is to come!
@KirbyandPokemonFan: I'm not, it just takes awhile to get a page out due to school and personal issues ^ ^;
Ahh, I finished the page over on DA a day early, so here's another ;w;
Next one should come on friday...I hope ;w;

(Also, note...Felicity is one of the bullies from the previous chapter.)