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@Guest: lol really?? I’m a perv for making a joke? And how is joking saying that even perverted? Lots of people have aprons. Apparently it’s only porn if it’s a guy wearing one? I don’t get it. I didn’t say only an apron. I said a frilly apron, as in over his shirt and pants?

ASSume all you want, though.
Well damn.
This is not hard, Dougie. You go on and...kiss the boy!
*bites fingernails nervously*
Oh no the string is pulling him!
Could link look anymore adorbs?
*bites teeth nervously*
I guess Levi is more childish than Piet. Them being twins you'd think they'd be closer but that's not always the case. Sometimes siblings just don't want to be around each other. They want their own friends and their own time. I'd expect this from siblings a few years apart but with his own twin seems odd. However, it can still happen and we don't know any strains they might have gone through. It's like Piet is embarrassed, but at the same time it seems like something he wouldn't mind. Piet is always trying to make everyone happy, it's so odd that he would diss his own brother like this.
So it seems Kim is okay with this but he still is unsure. But Kye...I think the poor kid just wants someone to love him.
Where does Howie work? At the school? I can't remember :/
April 19th, 2018
Oh no what if this was another possible love interest! 😧
Haha so bad it needs to be blurred.
That’s guilt and regret right there.
That pillow tho
@Riaya: Exactly my thoughts. I mean...the boy smelled his pillow. Now he's blushing on his belly...
Wouldn't it totally be fitting and cute for Sooch to come in one day to seeing Howie in a frilly apron while cooking??
These two together for a whole summer. Things are bound to happen. Things.

I had to reread through pages to make sure I didn’t miss Levi somewhere? I saw on the profiles page that it states him as his brother. It’s just super sudden. Talk about bizarro. Piet seems like a nice guy. Can’t imagine him not speaking with his twin brother. No one talks about him at all. I love the story it just really throws me off. Could Levi and Piet not be on speaking terms?? Did Levi have something to do with whoever Piet keeps thinking about?
March 29th, 2018
My mind went to the gutter on this one.