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September 3rd, 2010
Thank you all so much for the warm welcome! <3 I can't believe you still remember the comic, but I am very glad that you decided to keep around! Thank you!

And I decided to... use grayscale as I work faster with it, but at the same time, it looks more sketchy than ever... It looks so depressing now somehow, maybe I switch back to color. But I want to finish it and update regularly, argh.

@trenton_dawn: Aw thanks! Good to know that it's also okay in greyscale!

@Heldrad: Man, thanks a lot for all the comments! And slashy already? Haha XD

@Defender Of Mankind: There are now 4 in total! I hoped that I could distinguish them by my drawings, but if it's not the case, then I kind of failed. The newer ones are on the bottom right, so their characters are different to those of the CO and Medic (I should put up character pages I guess). I hope to make it clear in the next pages! But thank you so much for the nice words! <3

@coolbeans: Aw, yeah, I'm with you. When I look at it again, color is better, but I fear that I can't use the color to my advantage. Maybe I'll switch back to it though. I guess this not nearly day and not nearly night pink purple stuff just isn't my cup of tea... XDD
August 31st, 2010
I want to read it. On paper, in my hands. Is there any way that you're going to print and sell it someday?
August 31st, 2010
Hello, do you remember me... *hangs head in shame*
January 24th, 2010
Drew it first in b/w and then colored it... I don't think I ever do that again :(. Sorry for the delay, school is eating me up ugh.
January 11th, 2010
I have cake right here, I would share ;_;. Ah it's really addictive and wow, I am in awe that you upload so often and with such a constant quality.
Ah, shes so cute! I really love the way you draw profiles and the whole story. And there are so many pages already, it was so easy to read and fluent. Really charming! *_*

Ich hoffe da kommt noch sehr viel mehr! Die Charaktere sind so sympathisch &#10084;
December 28th, 2009
I hope you all had a wonderful christmas, the ones who celebrate it! :) Thank you once again for the nice comments! &#9829; &#9825;
December 12th, 2009
Sorry for the delay! I hope I can update more often from now on, only one week school from now on :). Thank you once again for all the nice comments, I so appreciate them!!

@Shadow: Aw, I'm glad! Thank you so much for reading!

@coolbeans: And I love you for so many nice comments, thank you so much! I'm a bit slow with comics...

@curlpop: Thank you! <3

@cheesynoodle: Thank you! *_* I was afraid that it looks crooked, I am not that used to drawing comics in color without lines.

@Mina: Thank you! I hope I won't disappoint with the story!

@Glowstikx: Haha, thank you! But I guess it will get a bit more gruesome. I will, thank you <3!
November 23rd, 2009
As I said if you spot any mistakes in my English, please say so! :D
November 19th, 2009
Uh, "perspective"...

Thank you all so much for your nice comments! I'll answer them soon <3!
November 10th, 2009
Heigei: Hey, thank you so much! :D I hope it'll also be interesting as the story progresses! And yes, the pages are completely done in Photoshop. Thank you for reading! <3
November 10th, 2009
I'll probably redo this page sometime in the future...
November 8th, 2009
Oh wow what a wonderful style *_*! I hope you continue soon!
November 8th, 2009
New comic! I hope to update often.
Please pay no attention to Rico's very feminine and fugly face. Thank you XD. I will redraw that.

Now I know what that face reminds me of --> CARD CRUSHER

maliris: Haha, ich wuenschte ich koennte haeufiger updaten, damit ich endlich die Duschszene zeichnen kann...! Die Hand ist doch total krueppelig XD
alexisneo: Aw thank you! XD Though it still reminds me of the Card Crusher XDD.
xkrazydog: Well, everything that lives and sleeps in that "motel" seems suspicious I guess. Haha, I really wonder why everyone likes Rico more...
Chaoskris88: Oh yes, she IS glad! Quite a nicer view than old grandpas XD Is Mae an OK name? ôo
chocomog: Aw, I love your new avatar *_*! Haha, ok, I'll let it stay like this, but I guess for me or I'll redraw it one day~
Imi: Aw, you noticed that those are even fingerprints? Yes, that's the most fun part of drawing this comic. I just thought it could work for a "horror" feeling. Thank you! <3
Iru: Yes, somehow Photoshop is nice and makes them look smooth. Danke dir <3! Irgendwann kann ich auch stolz auf meine Sachen sein.
Vosailyn: Again, thank you so much for all your nice comments ;_;! And wow really everyone likes Rico!
sarydactl: It IS very girly, omg. If I look at it again tomorrow I'll cry probably. He was supposed to look more... square... manly... Hmm...
kupocchi: Ok! Some other time then >D. Yes, me neither, but just assume they spend the nights in even worse motels...! Thank you so much <3 <3
MakiTakami: Really? I think it's the worst...! No wait, the hand is the worst.
TakaKouya: Thank you! <3 <3
Noo what did I say!! Or do you mean "No, body hair [...]" or "No body hair"...! XDD

Or maybe my English is too weak, argh! XD

Still, body hair belongs more to men with muscles and not those bishonen/uke types! Oh well, it does belong on them too, but that would look weird and then they wouldn't be bishonen anymore. Now I have to think of a super bishonen type with hair on his ass. Hmmm....

But to be on topic, this page is nice and I wish I could work like you with a tablet! I'm incapable of drawing comics on the computer, so you earn all my respect for these nice lines and toning *_*
I'm sorry it took so long. And then I update with such a boring page without much context >_<. I wanted to upload two pages, but I'm a little bit busy atm.
Again thank you all so much for the support! <3

Vanpaia Naito: Thank you! Though I think it's more bland than the other ones, but oh well. Hmm I just use Brightness/Contrast for adjusting the page and sometimes I erase some wrong lines. But all in all, I don't really do much in PS except toning.
Zhai: Aw, thank you so much! That's exactly how she should look like x3
Forgetful: Well, that's a possibility as well! :D I'm glad that people don't make her evil from the beginning <3 <3. And they seem surprised, yes? I thought it looked more like they could misunderstand her and think that she meant they were an item XDD.
Maliris: Fleischfressende Pflanzen! *_* Tja, alles moeglich >D.
Boah, du bist echt total fein im Analysieren von derem Charakter. Ehrlich, bravo o_o! Rico geraet echt eher in Schwierigkeiten! Was ich bisher ueberlegt hatte, war sogar, dass Rob ihn mal retten musste vor Schlaegern und deshalb die Narbe an der Nase hat und ach... :D
(Ich hab auch schon an Robs Vater gedacht, man man! XDD Aber das war nur spaßeshalber XDD Aber der Vater spielt noch ne kleine Rolle.)
Danke schoen! Wobei die Seite hier echt leer ist im Gegensatz zu den anderen und so viele Fehler beinhaltet. Muss mir wieder mehr Muehe geben. Ich habe echt immer Angst wegen der Erzaehlgeschwindigkeit, weil ich gerne zu dem "fiesen" Teil kommen moechte, und auch kein Script oder Layout habe und jede Seite unabhaengig der anderen zeichne, was es etwas holprig macht :/.
Haha, stimmt, wobei ich da gar nicht so drauf geachtet habe, was fuer Zitate sie nehmen *_* Ohne Script ist das meiste echt Zufall. Ja, das Handy spielt noch eine Rolle. Ich finde es immer so schrecklich in Teenie Slasher/Horror Filmen, dass es dann nie eine Verbindung gibt und damit die Handys nutzlos sind. Hier soll das nicht so sein, also wird es noch ein paar Mal laeuten ;).
Ich schreibe nun nachts, wenn ich zu faul zum Zeichnen bin, wieder an den Dialogen, so dass ich im Groben weiss, was auf der Seite gesagt wird. Das hilft! Aber ich bin auch nicht gut darin oder im Script schreiben allgemein.

Undine mag ich auch, wobei ich Dryad auch am liebsten habe, aber das Icon war zu groß TAT.
Tonic: Nein, darfst du dich nicht! XDD Man soll sich doch nicht immer auf Porn freuen >D. Danke dir <3 <3
Sharly: Aw, thank you! <3 <3 I want to come to the action, so I think everything is a bit boring for me XDDD.
Chaoskris88: There you go! *hands her skills over* but you won't be to happy with them, because I fail at proportion in rooms and... and... everywhere. I need to improve yes~
GreenLiquidBrain: Aw, that's good to hear! The backgrounds kinda grow worse with every page, because I want to come to the parts that I'm looking forward to, but I hope I won't work sloppily anymore >_<.
dolleface: Haha! Puppies, that would be awesome *_* Though there already is one dog at the premises, so that's not too far fetched XDDD
Seiramu: She will have a part in the story, though I can't really tell if it's "big". Let's say it's a necessary role ;D
Your style is absolutely amazing. I love the thin lines, the delicate lips... everything. The noses are in particular very pretty, and your coloration...! I'm in awe and I hope you'll continue soon *_*.
Again thank you all so much for the support so far! *_* I feel really honored that so many people read this little story!

And I want to ask: do you guys know of a print shop/online print shop or something like that, which has good printing quality and isn't too expensive and could deliver to Europe/Germany? I don't know about printing copies of this comic because it will contain some hardcore stuff which I think no print shop etc would print, but just to have a few contact points and some offers for future reference and future comic projects. I looked around my town but all the print shops are far too expensive and want a large amount of copies to print :/. If you have any ideas, please tell me!

Rann: Aw, that would be so great! Thank you so much! I hope everything went well with printing Relic! *_*
I can read French rather well, but I somehow fail in writing and speaking it, because I didn't have any practice for years >_<.
tgc: Wah, thank you so much! I... wanted to be a pro comic artist, but I got rejected rather often because of my stories and my style. I gave up, so I'm just drawing for fun nowadays. Maybe one day I'll try again. Thank you ;_;. Gore stuff will be there and that rather soon because this story won't be so long! XD
blaire-star: Yes! That's what I wanted to hear, thank you <3 <3! I... love your icon T_T!
Chaoskris88: Yes! But they didn't know that of course, but now it's a reason for them to stay <3. Haha I'm on it!
Striped Orange Socks: Still I can't thank you enough for all your comments! And to make it short; my stories don't fit the standards that the publisher need atm here in my country (Shojo/Romance/Shonen-Ai) and my stories are too complex and apparently not for the main audience (10 - 15 year olds) they're looking for. I tried to adapt my stories but alas, it still wasn't what was needed and my style doesn't fit to "slice of life, every day-romance/Shonen-Ai" stories. Maybe one day the audience will change. (And secretly I really enjoy well made BL stories XDDD )
inkblot: Aw, glad that you enjoy it so far! *_* I'm really happy that they're likable in those few pages. And the movie quote scene was the first thing I wanted to draw in a comic, but it was really short. For a movie I would make it longer haha XD. Thank you so much for your interest! *_* <3
Vosailyn: Ah you support me so much, thank you! But tbh this comic is made up as I draw along. I only got some scenes in my head and make the rest of the scenes up as I draw. Thanks so much for the support and encouraging words! Maybe one day I can draw my other stories *_*.
Iru: I'm really sorry that she is similar to Eileen T_T. But it's fun to draw women's clothes.
Maliris: Argh du bist so toll! Mutant-Rafflesias haha XD. I won't tell what it's about, you'll have to find out!
Danke dir <3. Ich hoffe sie kommt sympathisch rueber T_T.
Das Gemetzel faengt... tja, ich glaub ich mach noch was davor, also etwas spaeter. Aber nicht mehr allzu lang ;). Aber es gibt verschiedene Arten von Horror...! Den Erschreckenhorror und den Folterhorror und rate mal wozu THS gehoert haha. Aber ich versuche alles sehr ernst und gut rueberzubringen mit allen Tuecken und dem seelischen Krams, mal sehen ob es mir gelingt.
Schließ ruhig wetten ab, aber nicht mit mir ;) Ich koennte es ja so drehen wie ich es will haha! Aber wetten ist eine schoene Idee *_*. Was glaubst du denn wer stirbt?
Haha Enrico soll sterben? XDD Ich mag Rob auch lieber als Rico, wobei beide schon recht nah an mein Herz gewachsen sind. Aw, aber du magst das Maedel bisher am meisten? XDD Tja, das freut mich, dass man nun ueberlegt, ob sie gut oder boese ist *_*. Finde ich wirklich sehr interessant, wie du ueber die Charas denkst! Warum hat Enrico denn so ein Opferpotenzial? XD
Aber die Wette muss man nicht in "Wer stirbt wann" umaendern, das passt eher zu einem anderen Comic von mir ;)
Tteok: Thank you! Now I often fear that my paneling gets worse and worse by the pages >_<.
Ceatespace I didn't know of yet! I will check it out, thank you! *_*
oni-bu: Omg, thank you! Your comic rocks so much *_*. Thank you <3 <3!
Marbles: Thank you <3 <3 I hope not to dissapoint >_<.
whistleonwild: Do they really smell soooooooo bad? XDD Damn. But people want to see something special I guess, so they can bear the stench XD.
chocomog: Thank you! *_* And I'm glad that you like the girl, I was afraid everyone hated her from the beginning.
everkitsune: Thank you! But I really don't use so many tones, that's the thing that takes the least time XD
xkrazydog: Haha, yes she is! But if she's also likable I'm very glad *_*.
crumbling pi: Thank you so much! I really fell in love with your style and I'm so looking forward to more!
ColdTurkey: Haha! That would be kinda gross, so it's a possibility but don't count on that XDDD. Still I love to hear your thoughts *_*
Haha I really love Corosa and body hair is... good on a manly man. The world needs more of them in comics!