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Digital and traditional artist with a love of cute stuff, LBGT+ themes and art supplies. So many art supplies.
@R.O.-bot: RIP in pieces (but srsly, thank you so much <3)
@Bealoreas: Thank you so much!! :)
@Captain Ghost: Haha, thank you so much! (doing a comic was secretly an excuse to draw ALL THE HAIR, shhhh :,D)
@GoldFlareon: Ahh that's such a lovely thing to hear, thank you! It's good to be posting again, the break did wonders and I'm all raring to go again >:D I hope you have a great 2018!!
@Gimmy_shimmy: Thank you so much!! And YES, finally to the handholding! :D
Here we are, back again! Hope you folks all had a good Christmas (if you celebrate it) and that the new year has been kind so far!
@.: Thanks so much! I'm glad you're enjoying it :)
@R.O.-bot: Unexpected phone calls are scary!!
Aand we’re pausing here for a little bit for a holiday break! IGMBDH will be back in January. Thanks for reading and hope you folks have a restful time in the coming weeks!
@GoldFlareon: Thank you! I really like drawing hair, haha 8,D
@GoldFlareon: Oh gosh I'm a doof, I didn't notice that you'd commented on a bunch of other pages too!!

And yes, I definitely think this is a common kind of feeling! When you're a kid most of the time it's just like 'hey, we're sitting next to each other, LET'S BE FRIENDS' whereas as gets more complicated later on. But it definitely gets easier again later, like you say!
@GoldFlareon: Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it :D
And we're back!! I had a nice rest, played an unwise amount of Stardew Valley and did lots of drawing and painting unrelated to our girls :D I hope you're all doing well!
And that wraps up Chapter 2, and also brings us to the 100th page of the comic! Gonna be taking a break for a couple of weeks to recharge and work on the upcoming chapter, I’m excited to get started!
@Eadlyn: Thanks, me too! Better to take a bit of time off here and there rather than risk actual damage :D
Hey folks! We're entering the final bit of Chapter 2 now so WOO that's cool! Thanks for all of your lovely comments, they really brighten my day :D There'll be no Friday update this week because my wrist is feeling a little bit dodgy and I want to give it a chance to rest rather than get worse, so we'll be back next Tuesday!
@Eadlyn: I'm glad things got better for you! It can be a tough thing to break away from :(
@Eadlyn: It was actually on Tapas originally but I decided it was a better fit on other sites, sorry about that! :) Thank you for all the comments!
@Eadlyn: The door thing is VERY IMPORTANT. :D