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Digital and traditional artist with a love of cute stuff, LBGT+ themes and art supplies. So many art supplies.
@TragicMoose: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
@notall2gether: Thank you so much! I've really appreciated all the comments you've left :D
And that’s a wrap!! Thank you so much for joining me on this journey - IGMBDH is without a doubt the biggest and longest lasting project I’ve ever done, and having it come to an end is both strange and exciting. I’ve been working on it for nearly two years at this point - rather more than the month long project it was initially planned to be! Thank you as well for all of your comments and support - there’s no way I would have made it this far without knowing that there were people out there interested in my comic.

Feel free to follow me on the various other platforms listed here. I do intend for there to be a digital collected edition of the comic available hopefully early next year, including some extra art and bits and pieces, so I’ll update you folks when that’s available :)

Last of all, if you’ve enjoyed IGMBDH then you might like to consider slinging a tip my way via my Ko-fi page! Thank you so much to everyone who’s already donated!

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And that's it for Chapter 4 and very nearly the comic! The next update will be on the 14th December and will be the LAST UPDATE - a three page epilogue. EEK! Hard to believe we're nearly there...
@jaasak: I like this observation! There's definitely some unconscious mirroring going on :)
These pages have been INTENSE to draw! I blame my terrible decision to put far too much junk on those shelves :|

We're about halfway through Chapter 4! Updates will resume next week Friday, so see you then!
@Sierra: Because webcomic authors are terribly cruel people :D
@Guest: OAP, old age pensioner i.e an old person! I only realised recently that this isn't a term that's used everywhere, woops
I now have a Ko-fi page ! If you're enjoying the comic then please consider slinging some caffeine my way :)
And we're back! Hello again, folks :)
@GoldFlareon: Either the final one or the second to last, plus a short epilogue! I have quite a bit planned for the last chapter so it may end up being that it works better to split it up, but we'll see what happens :) I'd always intended this to be a relatively short project and by the time it's finished it will have been a couple of years long, haha. But thank you so much, and thank you for all of your consistently lovely and insightful comments! I hope you enjoy the next bit when it comes :D
@TechGrl: thank you so much!! Everyone's been so great :D it'll still be a while in real time before it ends, so I hope you enjoy what's coming!
@Quillpen: OH NO THE DRAMA *sends in a metaphorical air ambulance*
@Almightyra: it is the Law (but I am SO SORRY hahaha)
@Kaity: Thank you so much! I'm glad you're enjoying it :DD
Aaaand that wraps up Chapter Three! HOO BOY those last few pages, I greatly look forward to getting back to the happy mush. SOON.

I'll be taking a bit of a break before starting posting the next chapter. Chapter Four will likely be the final chapter so look forward to it!