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Did you know one of High King Fredrik's dearest wishes is for a pan-European radio station? Maybe it would work a bit like Christmas Around Europe which airs on Sunday 16th this year. Maybe local radio stations all around the continent could take turns to play the music that is popular in their own country, and each would give a commentary in their own language on all the foreign songs.
Rush job. Maybe I'll make a better page one day. Maybe I won't.

I don't think you can actually see Denmark from Newcastle, England, even with binoculars... <--- I love this.
Sorry for the delay. Here's something I doodled after Emmanuel Macron won the French presidential election. That's how long the process of drawing this comic has been dragging on for...
November 2nd, 2018
@skyangel: Aw, thank you! I actually went back through your archives recently - it's so interesting looking at Sarah and Janey's college years again - no less poignant and relatable this time round, but with an added feeling of "how foolish young people can be!" that comes with slightly more life experience, I think. :'-)
November 1st, 2018
Hey, I've been very poor about commenting, but I have been avidly following this chapter every single week. It's been a wild ride (amazing seeing what you keep pulling out of the bag art-wise too!), and I can't wait to see how things wrap up!
You can't change people, but people can and do change.
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Er... I'm not sure you can make that much effect with sulphuric acid, without anyone noticing you've mixed that much into their paint... it's fiiiiiiiiction...
Quite by coincidence, this page fits almost perfectly with 4 out of 5 verses of this song:
(if you overlook some genus/species distinctions).

The Lady Mary's heart
It is the blue sky
We are enfolded
By the wide blue sky.

The Lady Mary's heart
It is an oak tree
We are protected
By that mighty oak.

The Lady Mary's heart
It is the nightingale
We sing with
The woodland nightingale.

The Lady Mary's heart
It is a mountain-lily
We too desire
That white mountain lily.

The Lady Mary's heart
It is a sapphire
We are adorned by
That shining sapphire.
February 19th, 2018
I wonder which nationality's flags Angryman replaced Mr Peterson's England flags with.
Fun fact: I got to this page and realised I could use Matlab to typeset my special font. It took about half an hour to prep the image files of all the letters, and another half hour to write the code. And now I can typeset sentences in an instant. All the hours I'd wasted up to this point, painstakingly lining up all the stupid letters by hand, ARGH!
OK, that's it for gore. No more gore from here 'til the end, promise.

(The observant may have noticed a connection.)
I should've said on the page, some parts of this story may feel especially raw if you've lost a beloved pet.
No matter how much you're feeling it, please, please don't react like this if a friend tells you they feel suicidal. Luckily the guy isn't, he's just a trollish twat. I really hate these two.
Er, any pointers on drawing better war scenes are much appreciated.

The next page has the suicide chat on it.
Remarkable meme foresight on my part has them having their #BagofCans on this page.
Just fyi, High King Fredrik is a devout catholic. He's not there to tell any churchmen who to marry, he just wants gay couples to have all the same benefits and legal protections as straights. Also, he's not Michael Gove. Gove stole his environmental-services-farm-subsidies idea from Fredrik. Don't believe me? Check the date on the tweet.