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You can't change people, but people can and do change.
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Er... I'm not sure you can make that much effect with sulphuric acid, without anyone noticing you've mixed that much into their paint... it's fiiiiiiiiction...
Quite by coincidence, this page fits almost perfectly with 4 out of 5 verses of this song:
(if you overlook some genus/species distinctions).

The Lady Mary's heart
It is the blue sky
We are enfolded
By the wide blue sky.

The Lady Mary's heart
It is an oak tree
We are protected
By that mighty oak.

The Lady Mary's heart
It is the nightingale
We sing with
The woodland nightingale.

The Lady Mary's heart
It is a mountain-lily
We too desire
That white mountain lily.

The Lady Mary's heart
It is a sapphire
We are adorned by
That shining sapphire.
February 19th, 2018
I wonder which nationality's flags Angryman replaced Mr Peterson's England flags with.
Fun fact: I got to this page and realised I could use Matlab to typeset my special font. It took about half an hour to prep the image files of all the letters, and another half hour to write the code. And now I can typeset sentences in an instant. All the hours I'd wasted up to this point, painstakingly lining up all the stupid letters by hand, ARGH!
OK, that's it for gore. No more gore from here 'til the end, promise.

(The observant may have noticed a connection.)
I should've said on the page, some parts of this story may feel especially raw if you've lost a beloved pet.
Just imagine this with no reflections. Hahahahaha, stupid young Soob.
It's a really lightweight boat. You wouldn't believe the carpentry skills and the trees that grow on the island of Ja-fake-a.
So. ****ed. Up.

If you take it literally rather than allegorically.
Reference photos are fantastic. You think you know what something looks like, then you look closer and no.

Like when the sea gets darker at the horizon. Why does that happen? Someone who can physics, please tell me.
More art fails - originally none of the pages showed reflections in water. HOW THICK WAS YOUNG SOOB?! Looking at those pages again was creepy af. Here, have a poor attempt at fixing it.
I rather like this page. Can you guess what each of the shadow men represents? No one gets it until I tell them.
Told you the sexually explicit content wasn't that thrilling.
OK, sexually explicit content on the next page.
That lime juice is a homage to the utterly delicious lime juice my friend Anna's mum made for us when we were kids.

Around this time, I learned that YOU CANNOT SEE THE INNER EDGE OF A GLASS OF WATER-BASED LIQUID. It's all to do with total internal reflection. That thing we learn in high school. What use is physics if I still draw like ****.