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On the subject of magnetism and bacteria: How weird is that!
@kidcthulhu: Thanks, glad you liked them! I had to look up Ken Ham - the creationist, yeah? I mean, there are plenty of creationists in the UK too, but I get the impression they're not taken as seriously (or, no one engages with them as much) as some of the high-profile ones in the USA. O__O
More work-related goodies at under 'Artwork'. ;-)
@jason: Ok, I'm still learning! What should it be then, a smaller frictional force so that the moments aren't exactly balanced, but exert torque to change the angular momentum to effect a rightward turn? -scratches head- Rotational mechanics was never my strong suit.
Video here: - enjoy!

If you're looking for something lighter, might I recommend . I'm getting rather addicted to SatW now.
This is a must-listen: Blood and Fire: the Segregation and Racialisation of Blood

I've seen an independent verification of my sums (informally, spontaneously, by another nerd) and I'm confident I'm in the right ballpark. He gets 1.6% more donations when allowing MSM donors vs. totally banning them, and 200% more HIV-contaminated donations. (Also, actually in Table 7 on p.48 of the SaBTO 2011 document I reference - facepalm!)

SaBTO 2011 2011
VeryWell 2016
BASHH 2014
NHS 2012-13
Apologies for the non-P+B thing again. Just thought I'd share this doodle (in a sense a kind of sequel to this one), and a few thoughts:

Did you know that this video is poking fun at vegans? I saw so much of my meat-eating friends in it, I honestly thought it was an incisive double-back-hander made by some very clever vegans.

"a record 542,000 people in the United Kingdom now identify as vegan - the largest number ever"
(It also says half of 15-34-y-olds and 14% of over-65s are vegan - I think they meant half of all vegans are aged 15-34 and 14% of all vegans are over 65...

Facing explosive obesity, China is telling citizens to cut back on meat and eggs
(Yeah China, get back in touch with your roots. #ReclaimTheSoy )

Meanwhile, pig farmers add their laments to those of dairy farmers. Much as I hail the victories wrought by the unholy alliance of Soy with Free Market Capitalism, it does sadden me that small (less polluting) farms will likely be the first to go.

I'd like to make it known that I'm not vegetarian or vegan but I am a f***ing hypocrite. I'd also like to make it known that I have a vegan friend who actually proselytises less than I do. I'd also also like to tell you about one chap (an omnivorous vegan ally) complaining about the subset of vegans who will not shut up about how murderously evil you are if you aren't vegan - his reply to them? "Look at the trends - you'll get more vegans just by being patient and doing nothing."
Not a P+B comic, just a doodle that helped me cope with the crushing shame of being too dumb to slow down on my bike. I'm all healed now though, and what with new skin forming, I feel like a freakin' timelord.
@Dragonrider: I love that song! I'm not at all religious but I think it's delightful - in context, anyway! Massive kudos to Skyangel for finding such a creepy take on it!
@Matumio: I'm so glad you've enjoyed these comics - you're too kind!
Can't resist one last little doodle.
The End.

Thanks for sticking around for all these years, I love you all!

With apologies to my brothers and sisters in biology and journalism, for completely missing their point.
This is an awesome dream sequence you've constructed - intriguing and muddled and haunting, and just fascinating!
@skyangel: Interesting! My impression is that the scientists with the most integrity would discourage taking anything on trust, even well-established facts, until you've understood them to your own satisfaction. But given how time-consuming it is to learn everything you need to build on to understand all the stuff that builds on it, it's not always a realistic expectation! Even for very intelligent people who are perfectly capable, it doesn't necessarily serve society to take your time away from productive non-scientific things you might be doing. Then again, the amount of time some climate skeptics devote to reading debunking 'literature', you'd think they could sit down and learn some atmospheric physics!

And certainly scientists themselves bear responsibility for communicating their work and NOT saying "trust me, I'm a scientist". I think it's a very good thing, to follow how disagreements in science progress - I wish my creationist friend would a little more - it's like, fine, you personally are allowed to believe what you like, but please don't imagine a big debate where there isn't one! (One then misses the really exciting debates that do happen, at the fringes of the consensus!)
@Matumio: lol, whatever you say.
What a beautiful page. :-) Things have changed fast indeed, at least in some parts of the world.
@skyangel: Aw, that's sweet of you to say so! Merry Christmas to you too, and happy new year!