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My Braixen Oc inspired by Fellow feeling by Porter Robinson! This is currently my most recent drawing I've made with a mouse :D
@WildfireK: Hehe, I can draw way better then this Cx But I'm glad you like it, I might make a 'comic' which can just be these drawings I'm making inspired by songs, if that sounds like a good idea? :)
Sorry it took so long, but here is page 1! I can't wait to get this comic properly started c:

(And dammit, I forgot the rain :( I'll fix it when I feel up to drawing it again)
Did Diglett eat the cake? xD
This is awesome so far! Keep up the good work, I can't wait to see more!! c:
Whoa? What's this all of the sudden? Well, it's something I've been planning on doing for a long time, I have been inspired to do a Pokemon related comic by a few people, and it's finally here! I have no idea how much I can update it, but here we go! Chapter 1 begins!