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I am an obvious bookworm/ manga nerd. I love drawing and writing. And learning about different cultures.
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love how the story is going so far :D It just keeps drawing me in
FINALLY Eric has been clued in to his own feelings... I just hope they are the right ones
the last panel is HILARIOUS
loved it
yay an update
haha I have a strange feeling that things could get very dirty very fast :) I like
love the art work :) It really is awesome. As to the BL and Gore Warning just put it in the description... and maybe put what it's rated on the banner...
love the art work... and me-personally I would love to ask the characters questions.
Can't wait for the next page
i think i totally knew that it was gonna be Meowth
umm how about Eric playing hide and go seek with Ariel?- for a suggestion
damn... Ash is a homophobe and Pikachu a semi rapist... and there's a perv at the door - hmmm what can I say
Love it
awesome art work... love this comic
so good.. hope you post again soon...
kinda addicted to this one
that was awesome! More Please *pleading face*
Favorite Character
Hmm... out of the two of them it's so hard. I love Abel's adorable faces. but Zadel's character just a little bit more. I think. By the by your comic is fantastic.
Hey Yassa I don't know if this Miss Narcotic even knows what she's talking about... not all stories are supposed to have an amazing story line... those take years to make... take it from some one who knows... I been writing the same damn story for three years... and I still don't have more than three chapters
Just a bunch of notes, lying around.
And while criticism is good saying that your story isn't sexy or just a fluff piece would be a lie. It cute and your characters are endearing as hell. Not too mention your amazing drawing and shading is better than most by half...
So, what I'm saying is that you comic is really really great and too keep it up.AND Make sure to tell your friend to get better.