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I'm blonde, blue eyes, 5'6", lazy, draw random stuff(probably could make a comic if tried), and read A LOT. Really. I love sweets, but none of the fancy stuff.

And don't really have any reason to put something here.... Ah well.

See, I'd make a comic if: I took the effort in drawing out pages, wasn't so lazy and slow at things, could tone it, had time to scan it up, and make a pretty webpage....
As you can see, I can't do any of that, so no comic for me! Even though I really, really, want to make one TT-TT.

If you got suggestions for me, please tell me! TT-TT I really wanna make a comic! ....Well I wonder if I can? With all the groundings and never being on the computer...?

Yea, Talk to me randomly too! I like new people!

Oh! And I write fanfiction. In, if you'd like to know. My name is: Sayoko's-fire, look me up.
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February 8th, 2012
best be happy! I made a tumblr account just to follow this!
October 23rd, 2011
:D YAY! Update! I'm so happy! I missed this comic!
August 31st, 2011
OMG! That hat is amazing! I want!
Lolol. The sandwich is back! ...I was reading through the thing, and I saw I could be a stalker, so I Declare myself as Both Charon's and Deian's stalker! ^^
Gosh his brother is evil! Don't give in!
Ohhhh! If your going to use all the characters, are you going to use Mr. Kyle? I wanna see Mr. Kyle as one of the fillers!! XD
OMG! Go mister Kyle!
I lyk Megans new hair cut! XD
Boo-hoo, but I still vote for charonxdeian.... that was his name right? the deian guy? to lazy to go back and make sure...
Uuuuuuuu, interesting, this is my first time commenting this(yay me!) I've only just made an account, easier to keep track of the comics I like
Soooooo, wat medical condition?
Woooow! I love the way you draw, I still need practice when it comes to long hair -_- and I've been drawing mostly guys lately, I'm getting worst with girls! TT-TT Yours looks soo good!