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Swiggity swooty.
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That neck ain't healthy-
Git'em Mr. Wolf.
Hit'em with the old one two.
All of the above.
This is a save to gain a sacrifice. At least that’s what I’m thinking...
@Skeletalwidow: Ohh yeah. That was a big crash. I hope she doesn't I like theorizing with other people.
@Skeletalwidow: I suppose we'll never really know until it's revealed or hinted at what his intentions were.

@Skeletalwidow: I personally don't think it's planned. As Deadwood said, he can't bring back what was never alive. Even without Rig having strength it would've continued to develop, Rig just would've become more encumbered by it. If anything, it gave out by itself, Deadwood didn't predict it at all.
The eater has become the eaten.
it's a goddamn mountain of muscle.
Trixie, trixie run. Where's the flirty wolf when you need him?
Not gonna lie, I had to suppress my shriek of denial to a wheeze. Little zombie baby bone dodo is a little bratty sweetheart, bringing out a plushie for him--
*insert horrified cries*
This would be a good time for a smoke bomb while shouting ninja vanish.
We need heavy metal blasting in the background now.

Or you know, a hug after getting obliterated by souls.
I guess that's our culprit, woah.
@Guest: Well that was violent.
November 17th, 2017
@crazylupus: No, but his sexy villain look! xD

you made him look a lot better then I originally imagined Seth, tbh, I always imagined him as a Egyptian with the Seth's animal head.. and tomato skin.
November 16th, 2017
Hey papi.

Drool first, then run, k Jerome? There's nothing wrong with ogling as long as you don't touch, right?? Right..
Okay one- Dodo death bone babe with a top hat, on all levels, "YES"

Two- Holy heck, the sheer realization set heavy on him like a boulder for Death, didn't it?