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Swiggity swooty.
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Yo, man, if you're in this condition and struggling to live, dripping blood all over the fluffy ride, Thomas is dead. The big corpse noise.

oh the bright side you could revive him with necromancy and have a cool ass undead bro..
Wait- but my epic battle burrito-

Now what am I gonna do? just eat it and not get an epic battle? >:(
And so it begins.
Did she lose her foot- oh the baby no-
How dare you squeeze the bear dog's luscious locks.
@DRGNFL: i can die happy
bear dog..?
Is this connected to that or just an easter egg--
ow. my heart. this took a turn I didn't see coming man. Poor girl..
no, nevisca, wait-
@Dalgeor: yay celebration! yay new subscribers!
Aright, B, imma bout to slap this dude. Darion isn't looking to happy, already emotionally attached to batman and ready to defend.
d'aww jeez, he summoned the trees. Now they're gonna cha cha on his grave as well now.
I'm a real boy, papa!
and across the continent the screams of a thousand hermits who knew his sins were heard.
*nervous sweating
Honestly, I never felt bad for Pavel when he got torn a new one by his friends. Hoping his naivety gets bumped down with experience.
Playing off the other guy, I'm not liking how similar he looks to the prologue kid-
Batman, where art thou. Creepy elder unicorn ain't looking too trustworthy.
Oh shit the seal's are sentient-