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Swiggity swooty.
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This is why you don't eat glowing people. They eat you instead.
The sky called hacks and banned her from the server.
Yo, this man can teleport. I require a full charged arrest for breaking the laws of reality.

(and not answering a vital question. how dare.)
Ruh roh raggy.
Everybody gangsta till the trees start movin'
Not just any boss battle, lose and go back to Lvl. 1
Oh. Well protect skele-son is now top priority.
t h e b e e r i s s w e a t i n g.
Getting too much for that poor beer.
"Are you sure about that"
Yes, Mr. Cena. I am sure.
Magic jazz hands and evil face.

Very effective. Much fright with bone son.
The summary of an angry me.
What a good Dino.
You better be busting in there ma'am.
the eye of squinty bot is upon thee.
This is a good vibe.
Dino now is your time to shine and be useful.