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Please be kind to others and take into consideration the hard work that goes into comics. Even if they're just a hobby.

Random updates are pretty much certain.

(also life does get in the way very often but I'm still here and still planning for a new comic called Amaranth. It's been a very long time in the making and the characters are now in an outlining/physical design stage. Thanks!)
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the name drawn for the brorg wassssss

@Slitherhen: sure if you like!! If you guys gimme a buncha names ill put them in a hat or a cup and draw one :D
Thought I'd post a little drawing for the holiday!
Happy Valentines Day! May you find lots of love with friends, lovers, roses, romcoms, and candy!!!
@Slitherhen: aw slitherhen you're the best!
Hooray! The one hundredth page of TAOF! I honestly thought I'd never really get this far into my first webcomic. I'm very used to creating stuff, then scrapping it because its just not good enough to me.
While TAOF is far from great, its fun to draw and I never predicted I'd have this much fun with it. I was suspecting people to trash my comic immediately or ignore it at the least, and I was surprised by how sweet the smackjeeves community truly is.
When I bring up a new comic to this account, I sincerely hope you guys enjoy it.
TAOF is slowing down, aaaa..
But for a good reason! My life is changing for the better, and I'm making a new comic to put up on SJ! One full of love, friendship, flowers, and magic!
(...Well, its not really new, I've worked on the idea for a few years now...)

So, just so you know, if anyone still reads TAOF, even if the comic slows down and takes a bit to update because of my life and my job, I'm still here and I check on smackjeeves every day!
Hope you had a great Halloween!
I'm not good at music, but i am good at nonsense.
This precious little diamond was designed by Slitherhen!
heey sorry, I know its been a minute, but taof is okay, i just got very busy very suddenly! It will continue when things calm down and when I get a new cord for my tablet RIP
@Slitherhen: thats okay! its great to have lots to choose from! or lots of panels to push the story~
Apologies for any gifs that just refuse to be gifs!
Hey I may or may not take a while to update. There are a few things I have to do and there are some.. potential weather issues for the next week or so. Sorry about that!

how can i resist any longer
@Slitherhen: im gonna draw so much kermit-lotus one day.
@Slitherhen: IM GLAD AA
@Lunneus: the site? nahh.
Slitherhen helped me with the theme and stuff! Bless em.
whew that was a big update.