Please be kind to others and take into consideration the hard work that goes into comics. Even if they're just a hobby.

Random updates are pretty much certain.

Also: im sorry about Canight. I wasnt really enjoying it like i hoped i would! I also want to try a different comic that may come in a far-ish future.
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@Slitherhen: thank you!! I'm very happy you decided to join feta! And your artwork is very beautiful btw~
Heyyyyy to the few who read this: The comic is gonna be pushed along by a strange entity, myself at times, and of course comments still. So if you have a command you wanna give Feta in the future (even if its a little ridiculous, but do stay friendly!) go ahead! Sometimes I'll roll a die or flip a coin on certain commands which will determine the outcome or whether or not she even obeys anyone!

The Entity/The Voice was suggested to me by Lunneus! Thanks!
fish is the cutest omg
*psst give her a command pls*