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A webcomic artist who is way to ambitious for her own good. She does freelance illustration, cartography, book covers, and of course, comics all while raising two young kids.
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@Alse: It hasn't yet. It's coming.
The Eldair kickstarter is almost done! You have two days to back the campaign. This helps support me as an artist and creator, so I hope you'll check it out!

You can check it out HERE:
We've reached our goal and we still have a few days left!

Still haven't backed the project? You can check it out HERE:
Want to get featured in Children of Eldair and get free art? You can by joining the Eldair Giveaway! Check it out here:
You can also check out the Eldair Campaign here:

The second Eldair Campaign has been running for just a little over a day and we are already 50% funded! I am totally blown away!

Thank you everyone who has backed the project so far. I am so excited to get you the second book. Right now I'm currently editing the art for chapter 6 to get it ready to be lettered and print worthy. It's fun seeing it come together. Right now, the current page total will be 146, but I'm hoping to add more pages as we hit some stretch goals.

Still haven't backed the project? You can check it out HERE:
The Eldair kickstarter is now live! You can check it out here: dkvdi
Check it out before the early bird books are gone!
Buy online at:
For 24 hours you can get the digital copies Sorcerer Courtship and Eldair Book 1 - and 18 other fantastic comics for 20$. Deal Ends tonight at 12pm EST!
Discord Link:
The Anniversary event will take place on during December. It will then later be posted to Smackjeeves.
New York Comic Con
Hey everyone! I'll be assisting Chad Hardin at New York Comic Con Thursday through Sunday at artist alley table P21! So be sure to come by and say hi! I'll have copies of Eldair Book 1 and Sorcerer Courtship you can buy to help support the comic!
@SoulRaider116: Thanks for letting me know. It's been fixed!
@Zanar_Naryon: It's been fixed!
@Guest: I think you are the first person to realize the significance of that leaf looking like a ginko. However, it's slightly different than OUR ginkos ;)
@daidaishar: Thanks! I'm glad you're liking it so far!
And that's the final page of chapter 1! Hope you liked it! I'll be updated every weekday for the next few months!
Welcome to Children of Eldair! I hope you enjoy this comic.
(This is a mirror site. The original comic can be read at: