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And just when we though the flashback was over
Wow I haven't seen a story this good in years of all my reading well done man I'll be reading it from start to finish
Acid armor? Can vaporeon learn that?
What happened to Jolteon?
Press f to pay respects for all of Nina's pokemon
Flares gone Terminator oh crap I'm outta here!
Loved the original comic and I can't wait to see the new one complete! Also y u no update? I'm just curious not rushing or anything <3
@wifijoe: well fuck me in the ass I've got a lot of waiting to do
That treecko got way too cocky (if I spelled treecko's name wrong point me out I haven't used it's name in a long time)
What's hiatus mean? Hold on lemme check.... Oh a gap or pause in a sequence or pattern.... So... A pause in the comic.... ROLL THE SAD VIOLIN MUSIC!
Hughes the laptop what do you do for the author? *Showing browser history* *SLAM* anyone want brownies? That is the funniest this in the
I hope you can finish this all the way because I'm gonna be waiting on every page to come out
I hop you can finish the series you left a huge cliffhanger that I want to know the next part of
This took you four years to complete....... That has me concerned about how long bonds of hope will take
I just want to say I watched your dubbed YouTube video on guardians of hope and read the entire comic itself and I just want to say what an unbelievable story line how on Earth did you come up with that and that you are doing a fantastic job and I can't wait to read the entire bonds of hope when it's fully finished I'll be there every update but you making these comics have never made me happier to see anything about Pokemon and I've been a fan since I was 5 you got a common enemy, all the mystery dungeon main character and partners (even though 2 characters can't be mareep or buizel and that fact that you used meadevil weapons I got used to it but it still bothers me sometimes otherwise well made) and like in every mystery dungeon game the humans made self sacrifice. Now your continuing a new story line instead of going to the humans world they get transported to another time line which is a pretty clever take on a new story and I can't wait to see the rest of this finished because you made some of the best Pokemon comics or just some made up story ever you have my full support and don't give up on your dreams
@Neolancer: I stood up tonight to read guardians of hope and am waiting for new updates like you