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well............. god im hot!
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oh and do u have a email address and if so what is it?
oi have you done ur coursework yet?
do we go back to school on monday or tuesday? cause i read we go back on the 6th and thats the tuesday
oi daniel have you done your drama coursework yet? oh and what did you get for XMAS?
so did i
im like a dog chasing a car, i wouldnt know what to do when i catch it :D
it easy to know who speaks first dumbass. oh and by the way, what does K.O.A mean?
alright my comics aint got a good rep, but my speech bubbles aint that bad..... ok they are that bad but you dont have to say
bad daniel bad, making people look at crap speech bubbles. That can f*** up your eyes you know. Plus its givin my comic a bad rep
oh its your comic turn now.... cause i am all outta ideas :D
yh and now its your turn
yh i did one.... it took me about half an hour though
i posted a new comic

comment on my comic
oi daniel what new paint have you got from the internet what it called
no not really cause ill just ki ur ass bitch
init theres nothing wrong with it!
Thnx for the comment on my Psyguy meme.... and i know my one was better than yours....
Mwahahahahahahaha *cough* hahahahaha
Well thnx.... and i know tht your ones are always rubbish
YAY no more BIG WHITE CANVASES......... :)
yh i know ill fix that sorry
yh just a funny little... yh ill shut up now