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@WildfireK alright I'll try it and upload a new page and see if it looks alright so u mean like first page
Oh also you mean like fausts arm in panel one right??
Yeah wait do you mean the like outline where it's solid or the gradient where it kinda fades (I said scout or Faust because I thought fausts gradient shade was sharper) but lol yeah which one

LOL WOW this made my day ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
So you mean Faust or scout as well

lol it's the outline๐Ÿ˜‚

LOL xD rip Nightmare




Lol rip Max

It looks awesome! Thanks so much!!!

??? do what for you lol
lol forgot about him well he's naive nature and a buizel
yeah what wildfireK said lol

LOL RIP. I hate language classes.

NO! thank YOU lol once i figure out how to do the website I'll post it in fan art ^_^

Lol isn't it all our worst enemy
lol ok cool done with page. Another one will be out by Monday.

IMPORTANT STYLE: Ok so you guys have seen both styles of shading just look at chapter one page 6 vs chapter one page 5

Which one do you guys like?
Page 6 takes longer to do tho
RIP also you have a comic called trash is true oh god lol
oh god you have more than one. the comic maker one
ALSO r4frituhewjne let me join your meme comic pls
HA. relatable
bruh 4th panel on point

also HOW did you draw mew twos hands?!!?
lol psh i didn't notice until you told me lol hahaha i see it now still looks good
heck yeah I meant the background in general that and...

screw it!

its all really good >:D
dannnng dude the sky looks friggin amazing and so does the shading on the kitty
max is buff i guess lol she just has invisible muscles (relatable except the actually having muscles part)