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Welcome back :) I missed the guys
Wow, this scene got me good, it is beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time...
September 11th, 2019
Wel wel wel, lets see who is going bathing soon :P
September 4th, 2019
Oh my, this is actually realy heartbreaking. Literaly.
What every parent should tell their children at some point, lovely
Have a good holiday, good rest and hopefully new strenght to do everything you imagine :)
I adore their relationship, so cute and natural with each other :)
Hahaha you go Eikatz, hug it out :P I actually kissed my friend of almost 6 years (or should I say we kissed) so I know it can be awkward as hell. But after first awkwardness... ;) yeah, they will have a lot of fun :D
Sooo cute, I want all the happiness for Haize :) sorry Eikatz, you are happy enough as it is :P
@WingFreak yes, yes, pure innocence :P
Buahahahahhaha, Battam you lok not suspicious at all :P
Hooorayyyy :))) Eikatz you confident young man, you ;) went for it in an instant `clap hands with approval` :)
Yeah, thats what i thought, he was actually angry at himself he let him go that night and could have lost him... and now he is letting that anger n poor Kylee... well it is a good chance for Ky to mature a bit and become closer with Kim :)
That grab tho :P hold him, hold him goood! X)
@EnkaRG: it depends a lot on how Eikatz will deal with this situation now, that will probably define their relationship as friends and partners, I am soo excited X)
Well, who can blame Haize, anyone would snap at some point having to deal with all that... I feel sad for Eder but sometimes distance is needed to understand what you need in life.
oh the last panel is really nice :) I love how soft the expression is on Eikatz face compared to worried expression on Haize`s. If they will comunicate like this I see a bright future ;)
Awwww, hopefuly Eikatz will have a chance to speak at some point >_<
Oh man, what did Eder do to this sweet guy!!! He looks so sad... Eikatz protec your boy!!! and let him explain :)
Ahahahahaha, well sorry girl :)