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Calz like no other
I enjoy a good story and to make one and I'm good at it only wish I could draw LOL

My donating page is here
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Oh god. I feel sorry for you
This is so sad
@Holle: Uhh. I would love to go but I'm from NZ so I can't even go to the US

- ps its Nekosei
Non puto. Bene, quod ego non animadvertit
do schools really do this with lockers?
@JLovelace: yeah I think your right
Hmm. seem interesting
I love Friday the 13th too
@hiyori97: been watching Doctor who since Christopher Eccleston the Nith Doctor which was in 20 5
@Chain34: k I messaged you on your site
No, you're too short and bossy and your nose is all funny.
@Chain34: Thx for putting up with a message from me who was half asleep at 3 am
@Chain34: In the future maybe but I'm fine being a not too bad new writer and one quick question on your site what do you mean Hire it doesn't say anything by seeing I even double checked or am I just over thinking things again.
@AkihikoAkamine: 私は当然知っている。また、東京グールマンガはいいですが、ハンター×ハンターは素晴らしいと思います。翻訳を使ってみました。
I agree this is a very Manga like cover so very good I would love to draw like that but I am bad
BK left so have to look for a new artist
@hiyori97: Half of them are me. Do you want to go to New Zealand
@poochigo: hey and whats oneshot