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Calz like no other
I enjoy a good story and to make one and I'm good at it only wish I could draw LOL
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@SeBriar: yeah but I watch anime I should be able to tell I have even seen Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru
@SeBriar: I thought Teal was a girl sorry
@Le Sardine: that's interesting
the guy on bottom left reminds me of Danny from the game grumps
the comics detail is impressive
I'm liking the story so far. Different from the ones I read in a good way
@TsukiKasumi: ill try watching it and let you know once I have.

I just finished mob psycho and found it very good and loved one punch man and looking forward to season 2. there's 824 on Crunchyroll so yay.
I'm finding this story interesting so far
never seen psycho pass and have Crunchyroll and just finished mob psycho and maybe watch Re:ZERO or one piece hmm maybe both don't know
@LittleMissWissy: no problem
there's 2 of the same page
what does the cross on the ground mean if it does mean something?
@MrCircusPapa: sorry forgot to respond saying thank
@Mary D Kidd: likewise. a week is the normal rate so there's no problem
@poochigo: it is but I can have it this size for some reason
@Mary D Kidd: Makes sense and no problem. The name i mostly use for my games is Angus long barrel or Angus LB for short
@Mary D Kidd: almost forgot sorry it took so long to respond i was playing Fallout 4 and then forgot also shenannigans is spelled shenanigans just to let you know
@Mary D Kidd: Yeah. I don't think there is such thing as a bad story if you think its bad. and thx for letting me know. also, Mary D Kidd there did you get that from?
@CiinnamonStiicks: my profile pic was traced all I did was not finish it because I thought it looked better if I didn't and added green eyes and if your talking about the comic then that was my friend
well, this is interesting. the story so far i mean