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Calz like no other
I enjoy a good story and to make one and I'm good at it only wish I could draw LOL
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@Holle: no worries your your worth the diamonds in the ground and as bright at the stars in the sky
Wont let me you'll have to follow me and dm me Take a look at Cal (@CalDontGeerdamn):
I just followed u and if i could pm u I'd tell you what im thinking for a commission and yes i did read it but i like to brain storm with the artist ^^
Is it possible to get a commission if so do u have a twitter i can contact u on
What has this experience meant to u and how has it improved your world
@motli: good to see you come sk far sweetie i reamber i called thw bike a tron bike and it still looks like one 😜
what a great webcomic T_T
@K: thx mr k
@Zobazollia: ah okay
finally, bought a t-shirt well 2 long sleeved shirts
maybe it's his emotions?
@AnniFlamma: that's not a bad thing
good timing
@AnniFlamma: no but I checked chap 1 Page 16 I think that was when I first started reading even left a message
@Sheilkuroi: good luck with that
@AT-Studio: already did. about less than a month ago