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Calz like no other
I enjoy a good story and to make one and I'm good at it only wish I could draw LOL

My donating page is here
@NachoCheese: it's fine now hope things are okay now
just got up to date and my thoughts are that this is an interesting and clever idea
Calz like no other
November 12th, 2017
@MediocreArts: same. Also, you recommend witch one of your webcomics I should take a look at
Calz like no other
November 11th, 2017
@MediocreArts: yep. but its a simple mistake
is it me or is this uploaded way sooner than usual?
@PastaFearFactory: no prob. i wish i had better things to say
Look's good
I like how less then 24 hours is less than 6 months in real time. worth the wait tho
@motli: well done you have made it. another god know how many to go
@SaasantheSassy: you'll have to wait and see
@FrostyLostWoods: that's nice of you. also nice kiyomitsu pic
Oh god. I feel sorry for you
This is so sad
@Holle: Uhh. I would love to go but I'm from NZ so I can't even go to the US

- ps its Nekosei
Non puto. Bene, quod ego non animadvertit
do schools really do this with lockers?
@JLovelace: yeah I think your right
Hmm. seem interesting