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I love this. Will you post up more of it?
AHHH! I want this as a poster on my wall!! it sapposed to squeek?????

its so sad hes a perv TT_TT

time to think positive maybe his had sliped
Ahhhh!!!! noooo dont do it!!!!!
i know hes hot and cool and a good dresser...... wait GO FOR IT STEAL THE KISS THEN RUNWAY!!! like a ninja in the night......
personal space!! personal space!!

hes going into her personal bubble!!!
I read restroom
instead of rest of the room lol
i loved this scine the begining but now i love it even more

its hot guy ridden -(>,<)-
well at least hes persistant

Yay the cool guys back!!! >,<
Super Fangirlly Powers Activate!!

I knew I would like him....
I like that guys pants...and hair....and book... ok i just like tha guy...
That guy is such a weakling pleanty of other guys would have thought that hot...