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The name's Steven Rose, how do you do? I'm also known as Coconut Stevio, or just Stevio, call me whichever you like.

I'm a cartoonist who makes cartoons and comics for a living (because that's what cartoonists do), with many series featuring a large cast of original characters I created, Chuck the Chameleon being the primary star.
I also make fan-made cartoons featuring characters from other media (Nintendo, Sega, etc).

Anyway, have fun with the world of SR Toonz!
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    Steven Rose
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Cute introduction so far. :)
More introductions, yay!
Don't bite the hand that feeds. :)
Nice overhead view of the performers. :)
November 5, 2013
A hastily-made sandwich, is not a sandwich at all.
A gourmet meal fit for a snail.
Long stretchy tongues have their quirks.
The ending page!

Thanks for reading, folks!
Chuck delivers the final blow, but Klombor escapes, threatening for revenge!
Chuck does battle with the evil alien Klombor in the climax of the story!
Somethings up... We're almost at the climax!
Chuck meets Beakley for the first time after he shows an act of kindness to the big bird. ^^
Chuck meets Dixie's easygoing big brother. He leaves a good impression on the human guy!
Page 3, folks!

The big nose is fine, girl. Makes you look cute.
Chuck's breed of chameleon are very intelligent reptiles, if you hadn't guessed ;)
The first meeting of Chuck and Dixie!
Oops ^^