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Mysteriously dissapeared off the face of Earth.

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    Clue: Its a guy and girl name
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Fff- I thought it said,"Lets go eat the others." But then I reread it and was dissapointed. *shoe'd*
August 12th, 2009
Where can I buy one? =D
The jacket looks off. And the tail's a bit weird looking.

Looks good though.

Yay for dual colored hair!
His arms look a bit weird. The wrist doesnt look like it matches up with the hand.
Though I know there is shading on his gray fur, you really cant tell without looking a bit harder, plus it melds with the headphones on the big sprite.

The arms are really long, regarding the smaller sprite.

Lots o' hedgies.
What style of shading is it supposed to be? Because it kind of looks like more than one.

The shading on the mask is a bit more flatish than roundish like a mask, and the shading of the hands, pants, jacket, and shoes, clashes with the mask, hair, and shirt since the formerly mentioned clothe items have black outline, and the later mentioned clothes dont.

The shading on the spikes/hair doesn't seem right on the top spike, either.
The belt buckle, I'm assuming that's what it is, looks deformed and needs much better shading, since it stands out badly with the sprites.

If there are any shading on the pants, I really cant see that and you need to fix it. And not just the pants, there's some bad shading in several parts. Several spikes, that canon (Because it looks 8-bit), and a bunch of the kicks and punches.

The blurs on several of the punches, and kicks are really bad, you need to just get rid of those or find a much better way to custom blur.

If the yellow sprites are super sprites, yellow is an overused super color. Just saying.
Though going super is pretty overused too. >_>

The last energy bolt, needs work. It pretty much just looks like a bunch of different shades of blue blobbed together.

Empty space is not empty space if you have a bunch of those sprites beating up words. .3.

There might be more, but I dunno.

If you fix those things, it might be an okay sprite. Looks wise if not originality wise.

Edit: Telling people that you'll kill them, especially when you mispell kill, makes them want to steal it just because they can and know you can't actually kill them.
I say 3rd. =P

The eye scanner or whatever that is covering the eye I always forget the name of, needs shading, and the eye needs shading too. The outline on the pants looks weird in compare to the other shades.
Yeah, it's undead... But I'm not sure what animal it is yet.
Easy and not much edited.

Yes, the headband like thing sucks.

Complaints and concerns, compliments and flames, come one, come all, to this simple sprite.

I just want C+C on it, since I've only made on other sprite, and I want advice on it before I start on the sheet.
I don't mind, JBlack.
Whoo! New spriter here! Not new spriter, period, just here. .-.
And for my first post, I give you crap.
This is my first 100% sprites, I've done other partly customs, but this is 100% custom...
And it's Green Day... because I can. .-.

C+C Please. Even though I really dislike these, myself.

Didn't color because I tried and it sucked.
That sword is going to be epic.

Cresents Night's shading on that sword is freaking awesome.

I need permissions.
A very happy 500th to you! :D
I second the above comment.
Yes, Read Me, I Dare You Too
Um, yeeeah. Since Pine wants a plot, you know what? I'll give you one. Something that explains everything (I hope). A plot about the beginning, how all my characters met. Pinesal can do his own, but this is mine. Hopefully it'll explain characters and what not. And it'll still be amusing (I think) and a bit random, since it is my characters. =P
But yeah, be looking out for that soon.

In other news... Licking, right? Yeah, brilliant idea! That I'm not carrying out! WHOO!

And anyone notice the new banner. Pinesal, you ass, I fail at drawing you. ;__;
And burst out laughing when I drew the eyebrows. :3
Yes, instead of updating some of my important comics, like Peaceful Mobius, I'm wasting my time on boring memes. Mwaha.
Whu- Nix 2?! Oh, right, you... Riiight.
*checks under desk*
Yep. Hai. =P