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@Chess Pargeter: Me too! I was thinking exactly the same thing while reading the last two pages.
March 30th, 2019
Awwww. This is wonderful
Oh! Long time without commenting here because I follow the comic on Patreon, right now. But I did a quick re-read on here and I just wanna point out how awesome the whole story is (the characters, their faces, their emotions, the setting, the background stories that you can feel behind them...). What an awesome job!
March 23rd, 2019
Well, you said it because that has been inside your mind for a long time. It's nice to see he let it out.
March 15th, 2019
You did it! And you did it GREAT!
El funcionamiento de su cabeza todavía es lento, pero progresa adecuadamente: Aprobado.
February 23rd, 2019
@Zaakiyah: Really? I use to comment many comics but I haven't seen my profile pic on many other users to be honest.

He's Isak Valtersen (a character from the norwegian TV show SKAM)
February 23rd, 2019
For real, this is so adorable. I have a real thing going on inside my chest right now!
February 23rd, 2019
This is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time.
February 18th, 2019
The art is just: Woooow! I know that's not the best way todo describe It and that I could use many more words but WOOOW, covers It all.
Such a beautiful page! I am amazed
¡Podrá, podrá! Le llegará la inspiración jajajaja
February 16th, 2019
Awww. Adorable
I love that he is so brave to talk about how he's feeling
Oh, come on! He can't really be that blind! I mean, Matthias showed up in his mind while thinking all that...
January 31st, 2019
Oh, oh. He is drunk, but I hope he doesn't put Sooch in an uncomfortable moment...
I hope they will! They deserve to be happy together so much
My heart, wow. When Kim learns to let his feelings (and words) out he's going to have a hard time but also a lovely progress.
Wow! Your drawing style is just so unique and beautiful! The last pages are just simply wonderful. And the way you develop the story of the characters is amazing! I love it all!
Piensa un poco, Ekaitz. Piensa un poco que no es tan difícil.