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So lovely.
Such a beautiful development. I am really proud of your work. I had such a beautiful feeling after reading last week Page and this one now. Just couldn't thank you enough.
The first pannel down with Eli completely terrified and Natei just speaking about ice cream. Gosh! I laughed so hard! It's just epic.
I couldn't help to think exactly that with the previous page, that he was loosing the blood he needed so bad. But Joa really couldn't help crying, he's feeling terrible. They have to put some strong rules between them so this situation won't happen again. I said it on previous pages but maybe a little blood reserve wouldn't be an horrible choice for future emergencies.

If Joa is too hungry his vampire instincts shows even more and he loses control, so they have to be really careful with that.

This page is so beautiful, by the way! Thanks for sharing, my Sundays are a little better thanks to this.
December 9th, 2017
What an idiot! Not that it surprises me, but what an idiot.
1. Spain
2. Isak and Even (Skam) and Justin and Brian (QAF). Current and always, no matter how many years has passed.
3. So hard, I don't even have any guesses.
Harvey. Their facial expressions are
always so perfect to show how they feel ❤
December 7th, 2017
*Screaming but being quiet enough not to disturb the artist*
Listen. This feels so real at every level! We all have those fantasies or whatever based on what we have seen or read and when you finally are there you realise that nothing of that is real. That the real thing is not screaming and moaning all the time, but most like enjoying each other and being close (laughing too, or course!!!). And then everything is just so much better.
December 6th, 2017
His eye through that door crack feels so creepy already.
December 4th, 2017
Wow! Such a powerful scene and Page! Congratulations! This is awesome.
December 4th, 2017
He is not shy at all.
Joa's face. My heart is breaking a little, I am not going to lie. But both of them must be feeling awful right now.
December 3rd, 2017
Oh, oh... Can't wait to see what happens.
Wow! I didn't have any idea about Net Neutrality. I haven't heard a single thing about it on Europe and you made me get interested about it. I am going to read more. I really hope it doesn't pass and I am going to sign the out of US petition.

Here in Spain we are also having our own "battles" about how the Government is managing censorship and putting people in jail because of social media so... Yikes!


About the page. What an amazing job, and thanks to Patreon I have been able to read the next one as well and I really couldn't love your work anymore!!! Your talent is outstanding!
Hahahahahahaha!!! This is awesome, I wasn't expecting this at all and I am laughing so bad. But also, look at those baby faces.
Aww. Love this!
November 29th, 2017
Awwww. Poor little thing.
November 28th, 2017
Awww. Reuben is thinking about trusting in Carter and he is going to find out all that happened and will feel betrayed. Isn't he?
November 27th, 2017
Oh, oh, oh. He is going to read it, isn't he?