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Don't worry. Everything is perfectly understable and it is simply great!
Lo busqué en Google y no debería valer con esta trampa, pero... "bello, hermoso" (y lo es, lo es).
I feel so sad knowing that Harvey feels so afraid outside that safe enviroment they created in that room. He was almost panicking.
That's so cute!!!
I'm sorry to hear about your loss.
That Ewan McGregor - Obi Wan Kenobi - Jesus reference: WHEEZE

How can I not love you, author? How can I not love YOU? The whole comic is an outstanding experience (the art, the dialogues, the storyline, the character profiling and design...). But THOSE little details just blow my mind.
Oh, yeah! Say it clear and loud
Se entiende bien, tranquil@. ❤
LOL. This is amazing!!!
Awww, sweetheart. Poor little thing
I have just met him and I love his personality already. So joyful!
April 27th, 2018
I wasn't expecting something like this happening to be honest, but I am so glad that Dakota broke that stupid barrier!

It may seem like nothing, but going from pushing Kennedy and even being aggressive towards him to reaching this moment where he's touching Kennedy's face it's an amazing character development.

I mean, they still have lots and lots of things to talk about and to sort out, but this was so beautiful that it caught me off ward.

And by the way: The art... THE ART! What can I even say about it? Outstanding as usual, in every single way. Kennedy's face in the first pannel and his expression in the third one is completely marvelous. There are so many emotions there and you almost can see every one of them!!!
Awww! This is just what I needed. Looks like they are starting to be more and more mature about the whole situation little by little.

A while ago, Kim would have been so mad with that kiss. Right now it just looks like he is learning to accept what's going on and to embrace that it could be something beautiful.
You can learn lots of things about a person by meeting his family, just saying. If he says "yes", I am sure everything will be fine and Haize will learn new stuff about Ekaitz.
The last three pannels and his expressions. I'm broken here. His head tells him something but his feelings tells him otherwise. This is a big inner battle for him.
This Is just so precious. Everything around them it's so tender and adorable in this page. Every little gesture.
@hoodhoranyou: I was thinking exactly the same thing!
Oh! It's go hard to show your true colors and expressing how you feel sometimes...
Precioso el último panel. Me encanta ❤
I love how Harvey is becoming more comfortable and confident with the whole situation. There's still a long way to go, but you can see a little development on that and it's just so tender and adorable.