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My name is Nordica. I am an artist that likes to write and draw. I do have some secret projects that I'm making big plans for in the far future after I get a job. I hope to become an animator when I get older.
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@MacaroniandNo: *Finger guns* Aaaaaaaay!
That made me laugh. XD
@CoffeeandSpice: I think his hair got poofier too. XD
Red, yellow, and blue.
Harold's eye and hair color changed because of the Dark Overlord giving him his hat, I believe.
"I can't help this awful energy!"
I think it's the moon.
So, red, yellow, and blue are primary colors.
Wonder if Assistant can combine powers, like combining colors to make the rest of the rainbow.
Petunia, your speech bubble is covering your son's face!
@Guest: It's still kind of like a joke I guess. *Shrugs*
@Guest: That's the best joke XD
@Time Shadow: Don't eat him!
@Guest: Two hours? Lucky.
It took me five hours.
@AbbyTheCat65: I'd probably applaud CQ tbh. ^^
@AbbyTheCat65: I bet the very last thing spoken in the entire comic (when finished) will be her name.
Dang, CQ updates early.