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Leafeon woke up and saw she was in a lab. That's all I can say xD
@9rainbowtails: Thanks a lot!
@WildfireK: I know someday you will be great! :3 Just keep trying!
Wooohooo! Today is my birthday! I was to lazy to shade this page. But that doesnt matter.
Welp I here is another comic page ^^ I was lazy to draw the pokemon center do sorry ;-;
Sira is hurt! :0 No worries, soon she's gonna go the the Pokemon Center :) That's what this chapter is made after so... No surprise.
Idk what to put here lol. But I hate drawing backgrounds soooo much. Its so annoying ;-;
HYPER BEEEEAAAAAAMMMMM!!!!!!! Sorry about that... ;-; I'm bored. Byeeee
Wish doesn't like to grant wishes to Pokemon that she doesn't know. Next page, Ella/Eevee is gonna- See it soon!!
Sorry I forgot to draw the Comic Page yesterday. But luckily I remembered to draw iit today! ^^ So, I hope you like it. Wish finally trusts Sira. And that is a Eevee at the door. She has some sorta probblem to break through doors I guess.
The next page is out! The Jirachi's name is Wish and the Gardevoir's is Sira. Wish is suspicious of Sira. But Sira is trustful. Well, is she? Find out next page! Which I believe might be coming out tomorrow.
Whoo! The first page is out! :) I hope you like it! The next page is gonna reveal their names. I was lazy so please forgive me if this is bad. And btw, the Jirachi was damaged by a Poochyena.