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What if the reason that Hoopa didn't ask for anything in return for their help, is because by defeating victini, Jen already helped it out? Like, maybe Victini was the only barrier in the way of something Hoopa wants...
This is another cute one!
Especially Jen and Mewtwo. Loving this comic like usual!
666 approaches
And of course Hoopa makes a return for 666. Forget Giratina, Hoopa is the true Satan of Pokémon.
Just to be clear...
This entire page is innuendo hell.
These cliffhangers are getting a little too much.
Also Jen tries so hard to be tough but she's actually just the cutest little 11y/o pumpkin ever. Definitely the cutest human/audino I know of.

Also the only human/audino I know of, but that's besides the point.
Well Numberplay, that would be because she can't speak using her powers anymore. She's stuck with actual vocal chords due to the distortion.
Plot twist:
Lovrina has a Narcissistic personality disorder!
Now this
This right here is good paralleling. Good stuff. Celebi seal of approval.
Don't look down!
Gravity only starts to apply if you look down, silly! Cartoon logic!
He's a good boy at heart.
Rest in pieces, time dino.
Dialga just got death-hugged to pieces. That's pretty *metal*!
We all hate that beeping alarm noise. Never brings anything good, wether it wakes you up in a morning or if it's shutting down your mega evolution in a room full of angry legendary statues.
Your sacrifice will not be in vain!
And I quote:
"Has he gone and done a heroic sacrifice?"
Why yes, lopunny. Yes, he has.

Good luck MewTwo! You'll need it!
I see no celebi.
...I am dissapointed.
Well you see
The smart thing to do (considering you have team charm here) is use gardevoir. Have her teleport one person inside, teleport out alone leaving someone inside, teleport another person inside then go out again alone, rinse and repeat until all party members are inside, no contracts with satan needed!
If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it!
Oh wait--
Excuse me what's that about listening to your team? Someone hand leadership to Jen, right now.
Mewtwo is adorable. Even when he's only a loop-de-looping spark off in the distance.
...why is mewtwo so cute? I swear he's just like a really big, hyperintelligent kitten.
And they're on the road again!
As much as I loved the villiage arc, It's nice to see the travel concept come back. The character development may be the core of this whole comic (Which I completely support by the way), but the progress and movement is like the roots. They keep it all grounded, and gather up the nutrients and things to help the rest grow. They're what sprouted first, and they're what keeps the rest of the metaphoric plant fed and stable.

TL;DR: I'm glad that exploration segments are back! Thanks SulfurBunny!