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If you have any questions, feel free to head over to my Formspring:

...and we'll talk. Or post comments here, it's fun to hear what you think of the comic/other stuff!
Blow My Horn
This occurred in one day. ALL of it. Multiple times.
Screw it, this has been the "winter" so far. A ridiculous small amount of snow, too much cold +1 Celsius rain, and stormy winds!
Storm storm stormy storms!
Clearly, we see who's boss.

... >:(
That's What She Said
I know one thing. I drew this while being naked.

Yep. Nnnnnaked.

(Nnnnudity. It's fun.)
@Kirbysmith [DJ]: Time to find a new radio channel :(
@Kirbysmith [DJ]: Heh, thanks. And yeah, it was awhile ago i turned old. But so far I've only been hungover once in my life and that was ca two years ago... X) Thank heavens alcohol taste so horrible, never wanna go there again! <D
For this school year's project (I'm attending the second year of Serios Sequential Art School) I'm making a NSFW comic about these two. This is one of the first drawings of them, and their design is still under developement.
Forever Alone
Hey all. I haven't been able to log in to smackjeeves for some obscure reason, but now the problem appears to be fixed. Thus I give you; Comic pages!
Hey all, I totally forgot to upload the comics so I went and put up a bunch of 'em now. Sorry I suck yes.
Geek Intro
Hey dudes! I'm home now and have scanned all the comics I made while away, so I've replaced the earlier photo copies with the proper ones. They look much better now, so check 'em out ;)

(The song is an intro to a reaaally geeky sci-fi series. Cookie points to those who figure it out without searching for it on Google or similar!)
Portable Pillow

I miss my scanner...
@Kirbysmith [DJ]: Shoot it in good light then simple tweaking in Photoshop is all it takes.

(It IS creepy, indeed.)
@Tomatzo88: Thank you :J
And if I'm at any time getting too slow with updates, just nag a bit and I'll slap some sense into me ;)
Retard Freetard Schmeetard
Hello everybody, long time no see. For a complete explanation of my supersized douche-baggery and absence go and read my latest news post here: and/

Why the comic is not scanned but taken with a camera is because I currently don't have a scanner over here. Read the news and you will know what "here" is.

Oh and I got a haircut some weeks ago. It's short.
Stripey-stripe sheets
You're scandinavian? Had no idea... Hello neighbour :D

Anyway, just wanted to compliment you on making an excellent page. The bed sheets are my favourite part of it, for some reason.
'Cus they're fuuun!
Yes, people read those. Eller åtminstone jag :D
End, for now...
Seems I should have written this months ago. Anyway.
This is not the end of the comic, just the first chapter. I have no plans as of now on continuing it since I'm swamped with work... on another comic. Which I'll print and sell at SPX 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden. After this semester, I will do the next chapter to see how much I've evolved over the past year (it was made in April-May 2010). Most likely I'll start drawing it in July after a busy busy June.
If I have any power left in me then.

(Btw, "slut" means "end" in Swedish. Just to clarify.)
February 10th, 2011
Space Odyssey
Spent last weekend droning through all the tv-channels, got stuck on 4Sci-Fi and watched a movie called Moonbase. The phrase is from the porn hologram woman "Dreamgirl".
Horny much?
Crap made yesterday in school.
Spring Jigs
Hullo. I have been neglecting smackjeeves too long now and feel like a douche. So to compensate, I do another lame ice-joke (but seriously, the streets are paved with ice in Middle Sweden) and experiment with sloppy colouring. Thank you Opacity bar.
But I do have an excuse.
At school I spend 5 days a week, 8 am to 4-5 pm doing nothing but comics comics comics. This has made me SLIGHTLY tired and not in the mood to do any strips at home. But this weekend I took some time off to pull out this (and some more). Hopefully I'll take a break soon again. No promises though.

Aaanyway, good to be here again =}
Happy birthday!
Tonight I'll give this drawing's original to a dear friend of mine, as it's her 21 birthday. It's the Greek goddess Aphrodite sitting by a river in the breeze.
Hopefully she'll like it but with her love for Greek mythology I'm quite sure she won't toss it at least ;)

Materials: Army Painter brush, Prussian Blue Ink, Laserjet copy paper.