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Just some dude. Likes pokemon, uni student, spirit animal = sheep(i also have hair like a sheep). Usual stuff.
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    Callan Richards
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@PhantomCat: np, thanks for a great ride
Good luck
Bit late so this comment probably wont get read STILL i feel i should say that whilst yes pokemon is what drew me to the comic, it was an awesome art style and rad (pun slightly intended) story that made me stick around and call this my favourite web comic (i was more into this than alot of manga and comics i read too). its sad to see this comic end but at the same time im happy to know that the author is making a business decision that will lead them to greater success and (hopefully) less anxiety. I look forward to whatever is in store (speaking of which is there some way i can follow author/artists as opposed to just their comics?)

TL:DR came for pokemon, stayed for author
Good luck and what twitter account do i follow? XD
I cant help but read zangoose with a goofy voice becausd of Zook from pokemon XD gale of darkness