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I'm a Finnish girl who really loves Pokemon and especially the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games. I'm also really into writing stories and turning them into comics. Hope anyone who's reading this has a lovely day and I'll see you in the world of comics!

Also if someone's interested in some more frequent news updates and some extra artwork, be sure to find me on DeviantArt, LintuLady is the name there, bye for now!
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@comercole: You're welcome!
@Guest: I'm still new to comics so please give it time.. I'm learning still, but I am trying my best! Tips are always appreciated
@comercole: Yes! Forgotten Path is my adaptation of the explorers games as mentioned in the description. And don't worry, Mirai aka the Skitty is a girl and Flin aka the Chimchar is a boy, hope this clears things up!
@BearFangs: She sure does! Don't mess withe her fire monkey. And thank you! I'm lucky to have someone so understanding read my comic! ^^
Sorry for the delay, needed a small break for mental health reasons.... But!! Here we are!! Name's revealed and all!! Hopefully page 3 will not take as long
@comercole: Alright. I made the shading lighter so it should be much better now. Thank you again for telling me!
@comercole: Being turned into a colorful animal is quite the shocker to anyone.
@comercole: Thank you! And it is? Are speaking of the main cover? If so I'll fix is asap, thank you!
@BearFangs: Extremely so!
Long pages are good pages, mega proud here
Chapter 1 time!
Here we goo!!!
Nice to see you're using smackejeeves to share your stories!! I can't wait to see what you're planning!
I know the feeling, working so hard on a story but just not being able to finish it for... Who knows what reasons! All I'm trying to say is, I'll support you with any project you do and I can't wait to see what you'll bring to the table when you're ready!
Nooo!!! We all know what happens next and it isn't happy...... Save the poor riolu!!!
The baby learned!!!
Rune is a 100% sure, she is getting those potatoes