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I'm a Finnish girl who really loves Pokemon and especially the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games. I'm also really into writing stories and turning them into comics. Hope anyone who's reading this has a lovely day and I'll see you in the world of comics!

Also if someone's interested in some more frequent news updates and some extra artwork, be sure to find me on DeviantArt, NorppaDraws is the name there, bye for now!
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@WildfireK: I have a hard enough time saying that once!
@WildfireK: Birdy bandaids are the best bandaids for little birdies
And the thing that flew into her window was a bird!!
@hixidas: That's fine! Snow can be quite annoying at times...
@Neolancer: How should I know? Hehe..
@hixidas: Well.. Yes, it is, but I don't really care if the comment is stupid or not since even if it's not useful it can be very funny!
Page two! Yay! We're getting forward in the story slowly but surely~! Also I should mention that I'm crap at drawing humans so.. Yeah.. Just ignore the hands....
@Bluemj61: Thank you, I will! And I thought it would be interesting as well, since I personally haven't read that many comics that show the human world
Well there might be a few~
That's awesome!
Here we go!
Oh stars I did it! Page one is here!! I hope anyone who find this likes it!
Chapter 1 time!
First chapter cover of the comic! Yay!
Happy Thursday!
So as promised here is the next page! Now this brings the prologue to an end, so next Monday chapter 1 will begin! Now just to clarify the thing in the first panel is representing the creature's who's speaking soul and the yellow bits are its eyes
@Neolancer: Sleep is very important, so it's alright, plus all that matters is that you're here now!
@WildfireK: Hehehe.. Same here! I always love to know more of a comic's world history and such
It's here!!!
Here's the first page of the prologue! It's very short, but interesting! Now I know it's not Thursday, but I wanted to show this already and I really want to have a page done on both Thursdays and Mondays, but hopefully I can have a page done at least once a week...