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I'm a Finnish girl who really loves Pokemon and especially the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games. I'm also really into writing stories and turning them into comics. Hope anyone who's reading this has a lovely day and I'll see you in the world of comics!

Also if someone's interested in some more frequent news updates and some extra artwork, be sure to find me on DeviantArt, NorppaDraws is the name there, bye for now!
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@Littlegamer34: Well she's supposed to be standing on the floor
@Littlegamer34: In the last panel? (Sorry I'm not completely sure what you mean...)
@Bluemj61: That's exactly what the light bubble is seeing right now
@Bluemj61: How did you know?!
@Blackzero: Oh my stars! That's way funnier than it should be!!
Sorry for the two week wait.. School's been kinda tough... I'll try to get back to the one page a week thing.... Now time to figure out what the heck to make for the next page.. It will be an interesting page to say the least...
@hixidas: Don't ask me! Ask her! And thank you so much for saying that.... I actually might cry...
Fate's Games is back with a new style! Now pages will be done randomly! But seems like this "bird" is planning something..
@WiispNightmare: Yeah... That world is one unlucky place
@WiispNightmare: Yeah.. Let's just hope the pokemon world doesn't end...
@WiispNightmare: I do that too sometimes!
@WiispNightmare: Daaw! Thank you~! But some things are too strong for pokemon I guess
@Neolancer: Too late for that
@Bluemj61: Nope. It's not from the games
@Bluemj61: It's not Darkrai. It's something much worse~
Oh I have been waiting for this scene!!! Time for things to REALLY begin!!!