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I'm a Finnish girl who really loves Pokemon and especially the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games. I'm also really into writing stories and turning them into comics. Hope anyone who's reading this has a lovely day and I'll see you in the world of comics!

Also if someone's interested in some more frequent news updates and some extra artwork, be sure to find me on DeviantArt, NorppaDraws is the name there, bye for now!
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@orgostevani: I had been working on this before announcing it, plus this chapter is much shorter than others
ALRIGHT!! It's here people!! PMD Fate's Games has begun!!
Rune is a 100% sure, she is getting those potatoes
Darkrai to the rescue!!
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!! I have been waiting for this!!
Such a beautiful cover!!
I am just as confused as Leon
Oh my goodness.... Darkai needs to calm down...
December 9th, 2017
The story or well battle begins!
This can't end well...
That has to be the most shocked face I've seen in my life
Kroll really doesn't seem like the bad guy... But even bad guys have fun personalities I guess
WAIT A SECOND!! Is she in the ultra space or whatever it was called?! The place with all the ultra beasts from pokemon sun and moon?! If so she's in big trouble
A for effort