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I'm a simple oregonian with a heart and imaginative mind that often gets me into trouble. XD

Anime is my heart and soul.
I love to draw, write my own stories (though they never seem to get completed ><) day-dream, fantasize, oh heck to many things that all in all say I got no life and I'm a lazy butt that is way off in my own little world. *bats the voices away* Gah I'm talkin here! Git!

Ehem... hehehe scared yet?
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February 29th, 2008
I love how you did the artwork just a tad different, and frankly color is not important. Use your imagination I say... that's the best part! *grins* You're doing an awesome job. I can't wait to see more!
Citrus omg, you think you did terrible on this? It's amazing! Personally I think it's one of the best complicated drawings you've done! LOL like Maya I'd be freaking out too, but secretly, I'd also be like "Higher! Me wanna fly! Wheeeeee!" *hugz* I'm so glad to see you updating again...
OMG I love it! I can't tell who I love more...cause all the guys are damn hot! Ack! Me want 'em all! *steals and flees cackling*
Hey yous alive! *glomps* Welcome back...uh..for the moment lol. I know we are all willing to waitfor you awesomeness to come back. As We've all agreed, yes Valentine's Day is the 14th. A happy day for couples...the sad sad rainy day for us lonely singles. *sad violen music plays* Heh... anywho, Rin so like Valentine's must be like double happy whamy for you ^.^ Presents, lovey sweets, and all the attention a person could want! *giggles*
Hot he my christmas pwesent *big starry eyes*

~Kaji flees for his life!~
omg I just love the way you've drawn the art already. I LOVE the demons faces in this page! I couldn't help giggling. *beams 'n cuddles demon wif hot eyes*
*scream* Eeeevil Renko! I want more.....ahhh shit I gotta hurrah and take a shower now..dammit... Renko to hot...bad timimg...*flees*

EDIT: Crap I dun want everyone to think I'm some horn-cat or somthing. Really Im not... I'm a good nice sweet person! *franticly hopes you guys believe meh* >.<;;;
*howls with laughter irl* OMG Fyte, sorry, but your situation is just too...funny! *evil glint in eye* and...Yummy? LOL!!! I'm so evil...baaad me.
Hotness! Me luv him...oooh baddy angel.. *melts*
No die! No turn into evil drooly monter! I luf you Ren! *sniffles*
*falls over anime style* Mmph, I dun know what to expect no more.. lol let's share the love! Wheeee! Love everyone!
lol when I saw this pic, my ears popped from the wheeze of air escaping me...and I'm STRAIGHT! lol I could just imagine the boi's exspressions XD
o.O now I don't wabt Plusum to be sad and hurt! Nuu! *coddles plusum and petpets his tail*
*is just confuzzled about own feelings* eh?! whadda I do now? I did like Plusum too...but like I let her have him and now...she's all for angel dude? Arrrgh fooey.. guess NO good lookin guy is available...le sigh
*cries* My dark emo Ren is gone! Nuuuuuu
The darker he gets, the hotter he is. O.O; <--- is in soooo much trouble now...

help >.<
Nooo Ren can't die! I luf him!

(I luf Plusum too though...but I let Miki have him..hehe)
My poor Ren. *cuddles gently*
lol Pmad. If that's the case.. she can have Plusum. He is awfully cute and they already had something going. *tries to look completely innocent* I'll be Ren's shoulder to cry on. 0;)
o.o Jah. Big wings= Hot stuff! lol I still wan him. *sighs*