What it do boys?

I play too much Asphalt 8, Overwatch, and many other games in steam.

I'm just a car dude that likes Porsches, Aston Martins, and more.

Sophisticated crasher.
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Shoulda drawn the battle suit and the car. Bah, Ill do that another day.
An upbeat attitude and supportive mind, Orion is a newcomer of the guild. That does not mean she is inferior (Except taking shots). Her specialties are mainly spells that help out her teammates and special attack moves.
@Vanilla_Bean: I have a few. But my main one is the shaymin lmao.
Cold and ruthless to his enemies. This psychic type does not believe bombs, big guns, or even his prized sniper rifle are the best weapon. He believes the best weapon is the tactical mind. Want to take him on? Anticipate extreme long range combat along with powerful special moves and unpredictable locations. When he is not in battle and chilling in the guild, he lowkey goes to the Reddit site of dank memes.

Which admittedly, is often.
@Vanilla_Bean: OI! IM NOT ONE OF THEM. I come in peace. *hides a trunk full of shotguns*
@Vanilla_Bean: You dont know the struggles of being an asian. Well unless youre one too. Jk, being asian is pretty dope. I can lowkey watch anime without lookin like a true weeb
@Vanilla_Bean: I may be asian with 20/20 vision, but that doesnt mean i see everything like Bill
My squinty eyes can't see a difference.

But I like this more. Bah.
But no longer in that class anymore. He also retired. Goteem.
@Vanilla_Bean: Oi, my spanish teacher roasted me last year. High school troubles
You all will most likely not see me around when school starts. When you got 5 AP (Advanced Placement) classes to haul around and SAT testing, I got no time to spend on here because it will be nothing but a little distraction. Good luck to you all
@Vanilla_Bean: You ain't stupid.
@Vanilla_Bean: It's a measurement of acceleration in cars. Basically saying how many seconds it takes to reach from 0 MPH to 60 MPH or 0 KMH to 100 KMH
If you got a printer. You can actually scan the papers and format as a jpg or png. If it does have a scan feature
Jesus. 0-60 in 1.75 seconds
@RealBoxTheEevee: Sure I do, but I mainly use it for gaming purposes and voice chat rather than always text
This is probably the stupidest way to start a PMD story.

I love it.
@LightEclipse: Better not see any drama and screaming. That goes to everyone. I don't want another SSS BS
@WiispNightmare: Not a summer home.