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What it do boys?

I watch a lot of Top Gear and Grand Tour cause who doesn't like 3 Brits bickering around? Anyway, enjoy your stay! Feel free to PM if you got stuff to say or ask.
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And another one.
I decided to give this a more hybrid appearance. Thought this shade of purple would be good.
Do not worry. You do you pal. I'll be sure to keep things enforced in your server ;)
Of all this time, I was thinking about what can be most fantastically appalling to my eye, but you've done it. That Rhyperior is what dreams (nightmares) are made of.
Draw Po. Skadoosh.
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Nick's Bizarre Adventure
This was an AP Computer Graphics assignment I done. I really liked how it turned out so I decided to upload it here!
Welp! Here's the logo of it. Got the idea of an hourglass from a Black Widow.
My first official concept design and still probably my favorite one. Stick to your originals
That moment when you see extra credit opportunities in class
I see a bit of Swolo in this
I see the important part!

I really do REMEBER that...
There is just so much effort put into this comic. Astonishing. Extreme respect right there. Love it so far.
February 6th, 2018
Um, Shad? Can I seriously get a raise already? I've been waiting for months.
Just found this comic! Looks excellent so far! Hidden gem right here.