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What it do boys?

I play too much Asphalt 8, Overwatch, and many other games in steam.

I'm just a car dude that likes Porsches, Aston Martins, and more.

Sophisticated crasher.
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    Gotcha Oktoberfest
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Glad youre back! Don't feel left out. IM TILTING TOO! Cause, APs are totally fun! Gl out there!
@Aura9301: Idc how long it took. That looks superb. That wait was totally worth it. THANKS A LOT DUDE!
This will protect us! - Winston
FYI: Your art trade is complete! Check in my art wreck.
They look hideous. Then my ears are hideous. So they look just fine. I guess one little thing can be a little less messy, but up to you pal.

Drawing covers take forever. Especially how dynamic this is :P

Too dynamic...
@Vanilla_Bean: Its a spanish way of saying "what's up"

So what do i draw? Do I just draw Max?

Que onda Max?
But no longer in that class anymore. He also retired. Goteem.
@Vanilla_Bean: Oi, my spanish teacher roasted me last year. High school troubles
You all will most likely not see me around when school starts. When you got 5 AP (Advanced Placement) classes to haul around and SAT testing, I got no time to spend on here because it will be nothing but a little distraction. Good luck to you all
@Vanilla_Bean: You ain't stupid.
@Vanilla_Bean: It's a measurement of acceleration in cars. Basically saying how many seconds it takes to reach from 0 MPH to 60 MPH or 0 KMH to 100 KMH
Jesus. 0-60 in 1.75 seconds
@RealBoxTheEevee: Sure I do, but I mainly use it for gaming purposes and voice chat rather than always text
This is probably the stupidest way to start a PMD story.

I love it.
@LightEclipse: Better not see any drama and screaming. That goes to everyone. I don't want another SSS BS
@WiispNightmare: Not a summer home.