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Status: working on a short & a series
TBF it was a lot of missed banners.
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Page for testing purpose
@Spirit of Water: Thank you so much for your kind words!
It's probably porn.
A redraw of the original cover page for the new Smackjeeves feature. It's interesting seeing how much progress I've made from 6 years ago..
This only seemed fitting to put at the end...
And that's it! I can't believe I've finished it...

6 years ago, I started this story with the aim to create something short, about 15 pages. Somehow it turned into a 30 page story.

I picked this up for a few reasons, but most of the reason was because I wanted to draw this ending. Originally, they were all supposed to die, but I wanted to give a happy ending to Sebastian and Andrea.

Thank you so much to everyone who read this till the end!
Note for future webcomics: don't use close-ups of faces as an easy way out to fill pages..... AHEM
I keep forgetting her injuries...
Today's delay has been brought to you by intoxication from alcohol
I would like to blame GW2 for my midnight updates...
14 min too late... D:
Thank you so much! I know the pencil sketches could be hard to read at times, but I'm happy to hear it's looking OK. Hope you'll enjoy rest of the pages coming!
How long has it been since Sebastian last appeared....?

I had to look him up in the earlier pages because I couldn't remember what he looked like
I wanted to get three pages up, and then I spent hours drawing a perspective shot I've already drew 6 years ago, so there's only one page.

I am a loser
Only one page tonight, but I'm hoping to wrap this story up in the next few days!

Good thing I didn't make him the legendary gentleman assassin!
And the douchebag of the year goes to...