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I am an avid reader, and I spend sooooooo much time doing so, that I can't afford a facebook account or I'd die to the real world... I like fantasy, sci-fy, and BL, preferring manga style, so basically, anything that I can't have in my real life (because real life has enough romance and drama)... I'm also a total otaku (married one too) :)
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the most embarassing moment in one's life... no matter how old you are XD...
what a pretty glow. eery maybe, but pretty :p.. as always very good work :)
November 5th, 2018
MIMI so cute!!!
a man rejecting sex? said no one ever XD
August 31st, 2018
Hi! Good to know you'll keep up with this story!
So, some questions!
I'm guessing you are a young student, but... College already? What area of expertise are you in to follow? (I'm guessing art major?)
Do you plan on experimenting with diferent kinds of art? (I ask since even the doddles are computer made)
Also, do you have another plataform where you post? I love smack jeeves cause it saves me time, with work and a family it's not always easy to find time to read, but if you stop posting here I'll try to follow ^^
*_* something is being born here...I like where it's going ;)
August 31st, 2018
please turn your face and kiss!!! Pleaaaaase!
god, been away for so long and the story progressed sooooo much!!! who is the chinese lady?? why are the wounds healing on the dead dude? what is that medalion of his? so many questions can't wait to find out! XD
hey! how bout you post some of your test drawings :)? do you do any paper and pencil too? I'd love to see some!
well, aren't you happy... I feel those two will turn into guinea pigs LOL
May 19th, 2018
oooh we are gonna see some real embarrassment... XD
urg... vamp vs vamp? why? power struggles?
snowing already? how long have they been apart?? poor Raziol...guess being alive for too long will make him a chicken when it comes to committing..
u chiken... that was actually a lot cuter and smoother then i'd give I'm credit for! Hope he won't stand him up at the park :o
TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!! those faces!!! XD
you two just managed to bring a whole new dimension to the flow of this story with those pannels XD!!
first decent conversation they are having... he's gonna ruin it, isn't he XD??
I actually enjoyed it ^_^ they are becoming more relaxed around each other, more friendly! thought it gets a little out of the master servant area.. can't wait for Ravi to discover what the butterfly glow means XD
Kinda late but... happy birthday!
it does look good considering it's a drawing, it's actually making me hungry XD
nooooooooo, poor connor! you stew him, we loose the kinky stuff!!NOOOOO :P
oh dear, hope your are not doing any shady business, cause that guy looked like he'd been poking his nose where he shouldn't and got himself killed... Please be safe Sulvain!!!!! :S