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I am an avid reader, and I spend sooooooo much time doing so, that I can't afford a facebook account or I'd die to the real world... I like fantasy, sci-fy, and BL, preferring manga style, so basically, anything that I can't have in my real life (because real life has enough romance and drama)... I'm also a total otaku (married one too) :)
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This is adorable, I'm in love with Siren!
Got a feeling a good misunderstanding is gonna pop up from this😊
Damn idiot, why didn't you think of that before... Of course they did help...
Literally clinging to death... That's so sexy, you wrapped beautifully without to much exposure just like you wanted πŸ˜ƒ
@Roguerie: i'm pretty sure you nailed it :/ oh well, it's their story and not his and that lady, so lets hope it's gonna happen!!
February 6th, 2018
not convincing :P
someone is dreaming...eheh
January 21st, 2018
3vs1? he's going down where he likes it or not...
sinister character alert...
good work with the nightlights!! so pretty
@riverside: best part of the page!!
January 16th, 2018
? is garden gnome an insult? (I'm not english) cause he looks damn cute and that sounded insulting
several days of dried blood?? gawd that face must feel so pricly LOL
gawd so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love the subtle shading :)
lost the growth spur, jealous much? LOL.
I'm guessing the elders and teh shamans won't be fooled.. trouble ahead?
January 7th, 2018
maybe they just wanna be friends? snugle at the fire and eat marshmallows?
can I sleep in your lap??
change into something sexy plz??
@ZeeDelgado: hope its ok... story needs a little more fluidity.. it's not like it's not understandable, but it could be easier to follow. of course, that means a ton more work for you since more story telling will mean it advances slower... which means also it will take a bit more time to get to the smexy as well :p. but you can totally do it considering what you've been presenting us with :D