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@Nerior ah, now it makes sense
August 18th, 2017
poor boy, he's screwed
This ian't gonna end well, is it? Lookjs like Wes wants him to kiss him but I bet its gone either go the other way around
Oh, yes!
So, did it grow back again?
August 16th, 2017
@PaperJeans: ditched you guys, figured you need some time alone
He's pretty
Me when I can't sleep
This is how kids get kidnapped
This shit is stranger than strange. Why would a grown ass man be pushing so hard to be friends with a little girl?
Eeh! that's not a goby! He looks like Pan, Hu, or one of those bull-like deities. Moloch maybe.
I knew there would be some gobies in tomato sauce somewhere in here
Hey stop with the clothes thing, don't you see he don't need them
Oi, you are mistaken, I think
OMG, I ended up spending one night in a hotel worst than this. There were visible bed bugs, squishy floors with the added peed out alcohol smell, blood, what appeared to be sperm and bullet holes in the bathroom. Outside a shootout happened. The bed only had a sheet on it and it was dirty. We asked for a change of sheet and was told this ain't the Hilton. I was disgusted that this was the only vacancy we could in find in the city, while on a church trip. We asked to sleep in the church instead.
August 12th, 2017
I actually dreaded reading this update because of this
questions are in order
hmmm, Kim looks like he's built a lot larger then in the previous episodes. Not to take away from the butt-pirates comment or anything.