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How many tails?
he just wanted the number to the nearest dentist
is this where it starts?
Me, trying to see what that noise was when I'm home alone.
Aeri looks like a thousand deaths.
He bets not run out on him. I swear I will be so pissed.
awww, he's nervous. I'm nervous too
I'm guessing he's not a snitch
they are me awkwardly laughing at this page
this dude is douche material
Is he going to be like? Now I have another son, I hope this one will truly follow in my footsteps, unlike you....I hope that's not what's going to happen
why are they doing that?
He's not all there
reminds me of every time I have to give a urine sample at the hospital. They always assume I need a catheter or a bedpan. I mean, yeah sometimes I'm paralyzed and can't move but damn, can I retain some self-respect.
she is something else
I just realized that her tail in not white like the hair on her head.
April 15th, 2019
that was not smart. why did he take the money?
dragons like gold and silver. .... yup! I wouldn't touch that shit with a stick.
March 24th, 2019
why didn't he give it to him in the first place. Now he's in a corner