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H looks so Dracula right now
why does it look like he has no teeth?
Serioudly though, what does he do with all that blood? Start a blood bank?
@Seruta: I like your picture
Are those wings, are those claws, are those feathers?
hahaha kill him!
Soooo, that's why he wanted the blood samples
What is he going to do, give them a prostate exam?
Lunch?! What's that?
LOLOLOLO I thought it was a breakthrough
She was sure when she first came to you
LOLOLOL my dreams are like this
How much does this boy have to engure
hulking, behemoth, mongrel....i shall use that from now on
Hahaha i thought the same. How did they were going to get away with showing up like that?
the guys face next to her is priceless