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well, he's gonna get fucked hard for those words.
his eyes
oooh love at first sight of a scar, scar, scar.....
oooh love at first sight of a scar, scar, scar.....
Did she pull his earring?
boi, none of us are
Finally an update and dude, seriously? He's struggling with this as it is.
August 4th, 2018
a think he can take that web and mmake clothes out of it? Like silk worms, ya know
Sounds like my homeland
I'm glad they'll be getting some alone time
I would love to live there, it would be a breather from the haunted house I live in now. Give me the creatures any day.
Wow, she is good. How did she figure that out?
July 19th, 2018
They look like they're having fun
How is it that they feel comfortable running around with cloaks on but no shirt underneath? That's like running around with a coat on but nothing underneath.
@reddog_f13: point taken
In the end all he cared about was the book. Not that Samuel had to come back and clean up what was left of the last caretaker or that some caretakers might have died from getting lost in the house or that Samuel can just magically add on room without anyone noticing. Yup! None of that matters. He's a keeper.
June 28th, 2018
So they are all in a sleep induced nightmare?
Poor Molly, her favorite uncle-to-be is holding her mouth with a bloody hand and growing claws and shit. Like dang, what a let down.