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hulking, behemoth, mongrel....i shall use that from now on
Hahaha i thought the same. How did they were going to get away with showing up like that?
the guys face next to her is priceless
quite a crowd has gathered there.
jus choose to stay
LOL LOLOLOLOLOL what the fuck is this page omg
Nooooooo flashback don't come. It's like having a seizure but worst because no one pities you.
Let's get this straight, we are lost.
why is he tryna be so extra?
ugh, what is she talking about?
Did he just cave and let them in?
Bad Daniel! Sit! Stay!
but he did just get sliced like a piece of meat. Has he ever wondered ho he's not on the ground dying?
@Jeny-jen94: like hell we do
Well, he is right there. Arei did try to tell them he couldn't do it.
@Jeny-jen94: lol I was thinking that too
why is he proud of that?