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we the gemcats staff, aka the catmins! a small team of artists and developers who help make gemcats happen
October 28th, 2017
The long awaited update is finally here! Pages 32-39 were written and illustrated by Mr Meat, with backgrounds by Vibrance!
8/11/17 update end
this update was lined by mr meat and colored in collaboration my multiple catmins! backgrounds by vibrance
7/30/17 update
This update was lined by Skott, colored by Mr. Meat, and the backgrounds were drawn by Vibrance!!
end update 7/21/17
updates saturdays!
end update
this concludes the 7/15/17 weekly update. updates every saturday, stay tuned for more!
this and the last page were drawn by skott applejuice, the original creator of gemcats and its main trio characters! he'll be doing other pages in the future.