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March 16th, 2019
Those textures are awesome! Panels one and two look particularly nice; the bushes look really thick and soft. <3
I somehow sense she's going to take down deadwood.
@SanjanaIndica: "About 26 inches, why?"
March 12th, 2019
Doin' me a heckin' FRIGHT! D8
Despite his timid personality, I feel like he's a good dad to her.
Oh God, his pupils are shot white... D: I know that look. Aw, poor Fen! And poor Rig; she's loosing her mate, and even more painful, she's already lost his offspring. :(
But what if we love you..?
I love Rig's expression in the third panel. XD Such confusion.

I like the development! I'm curious how this will turn things.
February 8th, 2019
That face in the fourth panel. XD Poor guy.
That's it; I'm making a fan-comic of Rig begging deadwood to let her keep the widower. XD
Janus looks like a Beanie-Boo and I wanna squoosh him. <3
I'm curious: Rig has the capability to kill a lynx, and could potentially have enough power to kill a wolf. Is she purposely letting the wolves live, or does she fear that she'll end up having two "widowers" to worry about if she kills only one? Or does she truly not have the ability to kill a wolf on her own without rolling over on it?
Ugh, the desperation in his expression hurts my heart. I so badly want to see a really well-done comic dub of this!
Ooooh, pregnant mamas mean more mouths to feed soon.
This is honestly a very interesting point in the story. On one hand, deadwood is manipulative and abusive, and so I'm inclined to oppose anything it wants, but on the other hand, the way he's treating Rig at the moment is oddly tender and caring. Like, I could see how it wants to benefit from her loss and her being alive, but it also seems to genuinely feel for her in some way, hinted when it orders Rig to eat, rather than get it something to eat. It's almost eerie..

There's a comment above mine that talks about how abusive relationships work, and I don't doubt for a minute that deadwood is definitely manipulating Rig; I'm just so intrigued that you've managed to shed light on such a desperate subject in a way that people can clearly see it. The conflict of deadwood caring about her, and at the same time seeing her as a means to its own satisfaction is absolutely stunning. It provokes so many thoughts and feelings.
I do that ALL THE TIME!!! xD
I love the style of this comic, and how wholesome it is. :D
@arctic flame: It's a miscarriage. Deadwood says, "It stopped growing," and "I can't give life to something that never had life to begin," indicating that it's dead in the womb.
No... Oh no, poor Rig. D: