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Oh, crap, another seizure?
*clears throat* FUS RO DAH!!!!
Oh my God... This is so brilliantly played! It's not easy making significant characters and then deciding who to kill off, and who not to. As a published author myself, I still wonder about my decisions to kill off certain characters; while it's dramatic, there's also a balance.
You've done very well with this story! I can't wait to see the next chapter. :D
O_O... I'm so confused... Do we trust his love for her, or his stomach?
We can't even know what Richard tattooed on his ass?
Hey! He has the same tan line I do right now! XD
"It's frozen!"

D8 OMG, the symbolism!!!!
Going back and re-reading this, I find it fascinating how the parents are the ones who feel cursed by what happened to him. "What did WE do to deserve this?" making him a burden instead of feeling bad that he fell through the ice, and that he's the one who has to live with the long term effects.
This sounds exactly like my attempts to make a joke at work. XD
Ooooohhh, shiiiiiiite!
Christine is there! Better behave now, Daniel.
@jstaricka: That's actually better than the original comment. XD
Oh my God, his face is so creepy... D:
@redwolfdragon: Ya took the words out of my mouth!
Fuckingdamnitfuckwhatthefuck, Daniel?!FJgnrvdnfounsobvnov'bvoubvfaobvajeojbefvjboefonvejn!!!!
I some how have this horrible feeling that he's going to insult the names she picked or make her feel bad about them...
May 25th, 2018
Lol, of course it is! XD
May 24th, 2018
Hm, I'm sensing bonding happening. XD
Honestly, I'm loving the heck out of these ref sheets! They're both realistic, and kind of funny to read.
Lol, I just realized: it must be a picture from Richard's personal FBI agent. XD