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Lol, of course it is! XD
May 24th, 2018
Hm, I'm sensing bonding happening. XD
Honestly, I'm loving the heck out of these ref sheets! They're both realistic, and kind of funny to read.
Lol, I just realized: it must be a picture from Richard's personal FBI agent. XD
I bet Lasse made that page.
What a fascinating piece!
.... Fack.

It's so eerie how calm he is...
Uh oh... O.O
First of all: CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :D How exciting! I'd love to read your other stories. :)

Second: Ooooh, I think I know which one he's going to listen to. XD
@plantangel: Ah, that makes sense. :)
I'm curious, do these creatures take more after dogs or deer when it comes to sound? It's such a fascinating species!

As for this page, this really speaks a lot about Eso! Giving up old tradition and dismissing history can be a dangerous thing, after all...
Get 'im, Vindur!
Oh my God.... Oh my God, no....
Poor Syn; her nerves are so frayed, even a laugh makes her nervous! XD Then again, I'd probably be nervous, too, if Helmut laughed suddenly like that.

Woo! So I'm finally back, and can start working on more pages. I'm so excited!
This is honestly the saddest graphic novel page I've ever seen. :( I hope they get out of there before Daniel decides to make it sadder...
God, I love Lasse. XD Poor Richard; I feel you, son!
Oh my God, I want to hug him! D; Poor Leonard!
*Hucks a ring at both of them* GIT MARREH'D!!!!
XD This sounds like me being "nice" to myself.
ooooh! I love the motion in the second panel. :D