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@K-9-Dog: Thank you very much! I'm working on another page now; hopefully it will be uploaded soon. :)
@K-9-Dog: Thank you very much! :)
@K-9-Dog: And it only get's more intense from here. :P Glad you found it!
You seem to have a thing for yellow eyes. :P They're so cute!!! I especially like Patchleg's design; she's so pretty!
I feel like no one in that family will get away without some kind of sexual assault...
Oh my God, why does this page make me so freaking anxious? There's nothing really even happening...
@AhikuWolf: Ah, cool! You certainly did a good job making them look menacing; I usually think of those breeds as being docile and friendly. :P
Sorry for the wait! I've been super busy. :P Hopefully a new page will be up soon.
Crap... Crap.... No... He's going for dessert. D:
@SnowWolf01: Exactly. XD I did that to one of my characters and was like, "Yes, die! Make my fans weep and gnash their teeth!" And the second I was finished writing the scene I was like, "Oh God, what have I done...?
@SnowWolf01: Right?! I feel that way about a few of my characters that I've killed off in comics... And books... And single-frame pictures. XD
Oooooh, that's haunting. D:
Ugh, I can't see what's in the tree! D:
Oh, crap, he knows...
Some how I feel like he and that wolf are going to be...

I'll let myself out. *Bows*
*Holds up crucifix*
In the name of Jesus...!
@AhikuWolf: Lol, that makes sense why she's so much smaller. ^-^'
February 6th, 2018
Well, shit...

I hope either Kaleb saves her, or maybe Ben sees it and saves her. But, then again, knowing this comic, she'll probably get hurt. :(
To quote the song: "RUN, BOY, RUN!!!'