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... Wait, are tehy suggesting some animals haven't become humans..?
Oh, God, not for his heart again, right?!
I honestly like their friendship, even though it's in its early stage; I feel like eventually they're going to get more comfortable and they'll be thick as thieves.
So, I just watched the first episode of Lore the other day, and they talked about the origin of Vampires, and good Lord, it only makes this story more terrifying and heartbreaking. D:

Daniel is absolutely crushing my heart in the last panel. How do you throw a guy, even if you hate him, in a coffin and listen to him cry like that without feeling at least a little horrible?
Awwww, poor Richard. XD
Not gonna lie, I'm really loving Tadaka's character; like, she's hard to like some times, but also has a heart, and it makes her so complex and well-rounded.
Same, Richard, same. XD
Someone's been decapitated... Isn't that another vampire thing? Like, isn't the lore that vampires can only be killed by a crucifix or by decapitation?
Uh-oh, why's mama mad?

Hope you're alright, mate! My inbox is always open, should you need it.
I feel ya, Richard. XD
Lol, now the whole pack will die without a healer. I have a feeling Gale is going to spiral herself into the dirt at the rate she's chasing out her pups.

(Oooohh... Won't this be bad if she has any problems during the birth of her next litter like she has planned..?)
@SanjanaIndica: Aw, man; hoping things turn out better for you! I know I'm kind of a stranger, but I'm always around if you need to vent, or just hear really terrible jokes from to make you feel better. :P

And, also, same. Puppies suck when you have to draw them. XD
Of course our least favourite character is the one who would call someone a "lunger." XD

God, this is so nerve wracking watching this unfold. D: I honestly feel my heart pounding whenever I see Daniel's horrified face. He so didn't deserve this..
D: Oh, no, Salmon-baby...
Aw, man, this doe is gonna loose her fawn and try to get with Adi, isn't she..? XD

Also, that second panel kinda reminds me of the latest page of the Golden Shrike. Seems like it's a universal thing for deer to remind each other not to look back. :P
@HollyTheFluffyCat: I'm glad you enjoy it! I'm hoping to get back into regularly updating this story.
@Tracey: Indeed :D
So, it's been, what, a year since I touched this thing? And I finally have another page up! :D
@SanjanaIndica: Girl's like, "Bitch, I gotta eat, too, ya know.."
... I'm feeling this page so strongly right now. ;~; Thistle is such a good sister, even if Nimbus doesn't deserve it.