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i like the arts--music, theatre, drawing, dance, yaoi--you get the gist. hahaha no but seriously i'm here for mostly the pretty art but also the gayness bc that's good shit.
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he's not even walking...he's biking. he's really digging for common ground w/ his crush, i guess lol
I sort of am, too, but after reading it over again and reading certain comments from other chapters, I kinda get it?? I think the things I’m no getting are the transitions from now to past experiences or the other world...i haven’t really refreshed myself on what’s happening recently, so maybe I’ll do that.
Thanks, your icon is absolutely beautiful! you have so much skill!
I looove that Chip's blush is a charcoal color! It keeps it both supernatural and CUTE OMG!!! laksjdf;lkasjdf this page is so cute EDIT: are the vines in the last panel noteworthy?? or were they always there?
i just re-realized how short sooch is. despite that, sooch will find a way to fuCK 'IM UP
wow, bud, gettin really close all the sudden. hold yer horses. edit: i just realized that my comment is opposite of the person above me lol
@masha: OMG I SEE IT!! I didn’t know they were hands before and didn’t see the thumbs altogether. Thanks!
Howdy! Love the comic and this page is awesome...but, I must ask, what’s happening in the second panel? I must not be looking at it the right way, because the way I’m seeing it, his arms shouldn’t be able to do that.
i just had to go back to make sure...yes. i'm sure. carter likes logan and cant tell him. ugh, i love carter so muchhhh
errr, i think i took the wrong approach when choosing who to ship...i fullheartedly started shipping carter and logan and now...this...damn. oops.