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Hi, I'm Marcus. Feel free to read any of the comics I'm in or whatever.
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Thank God they finally got rid of that guy.

Uh.. what was his name again?

Stupid Maniac Fag?
Super Man Fart?
Superb Moron Fornicator?

I can't even remember.
He hugged a girl? Wow that's gross.

Hugging is gross.
It's fine. Geebs will fix it once he calms down.

Okay probably not.
Paperwork sucks. He just wants to live a quiet life.
Gotta watch that waist line.
10 outta 10, would play again.
It was just a prank bro.
He'll get better.

Just put a band-aid on it.
This is the best way to travel.

Who needs to fly on a plane for vacation when you can just travel to other universes through a wormhole?
So he's made of chocolate right?
I can't wait until Ashura returns with the ultimate power to scramble eggs... WITHOUT ANY COOKING UTENSILS!
Is this the part where they play card games with the intention of sending the other person the the Shadow Realm?
I demand a cut of the pay for this comic.
He'll be back. Another version of him will come from the Speed Fo- I mean he'll come back after recovering in the hospital..
Sonic.Exe go home!
So you're telling me.. Dewi wasn't a child spawned from the nothingness of the void this entire time?

What a twist!
Just tell him he doesn't exist and he'll go away.