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Marcus The Hedgehog
Hi, I'm Marcus. Feel free to read any of the comics I'm in or whatever.
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G.B.A needs to consider dating other kinds of people. His type preference has clearly backfired.
Witty comment
Witty comment
Ew. Robot hugs. I hope Anthony cleaned himself off after that.
Can't wait until Sonic starts running faster than thought and he ends up bumbling around sounding like a moron because he's moving faster than he can think.
"Um excuse me. But the cult leader promised me automatic entry into Heaven if I killed those kids. So let me outta here."
Wow it's a cat walking on two legs. Very suspicious.
I can't believe Anthony is related to Doctor Wizard.
And then G.B.A surprises his other self with ice powers. What a twist.
They should really install some curtains here.
He's here to collect the bitcoin Randalf promised him in exchange for false identification to enter another cartoon.
G.B.A watch out, you have a stalker! Quick, board up the windows and lock the doors so she can't get in!
Don't ever tell yourself that.
Instead have others tell you.
Game Boy Advanced is GBA
Don't you know your consoles and handhelds? Gawsh.
He just went to the store to buy some food. Chill out guys.
Aw man, she had to improvise quickly and replace that jack in a box with something else.
Why are you being selfish and not letting people see Aurora Borealis? Come on Geebs.
Don't trust anybody
Not even yourself
What a nice dad. For a furry lover.