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Marcus The Hedgehog
Hi, I'm Marcus. Feel free to read any of the comics I'm in or whatever.
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GTA San Andreas Chao when?
Can't believe he stole Dewi's innocence.

Someone should call the police.
"I actually ate a power star, the Chaos Emeralds, and several other durability enhancing power ups years ago, making me totally invincible. I just like messing with you guys."
Just use a gun. Guns solve all your problems.
After much thought I have determined why I love Fire Emblem.

It's for the waifus, obviously. My favorite is... uh... sword... girl...
Thinking emoji.
I can't wait for G.B.A to fight P.S.P only to start losing, but then the other G.B.A suddenly shows up last second and they team up or something.
Cassie you can't just eat things without washing it first. You might get sick.
G.B.A needs to consider dating other kinds of people. His type preference has clearly backfired.
Witty comment
Witty comment
Ew. Robot hugs. I hope Anthony cleaned himself off after that.
Can't wait until Sonic starts running faster than thought and he ends up bumbling around sounding like a moron because he's moving faster than he can think.
"Um excuse me. But the cult leader promised me automatic entry into Heaven if I killed those kids. So let me outta here."
Wow it's a cat walking on two legs. Very suspicious.
I can't believe Anthony is related to Doctor Wizard.
And then G.B.A surprises his other self with ice powers. What a twist.
They should really install some curtains here.