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I'm just some random French person who feel stupid because she don't understand what people are saying sometimes.
I'm also a beginner in the world of making comics and poses for the characters so i'm dying when i'm drawing but everything is fine.
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    Boogly lol
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Leila is a character from Inachev├ęs like Abdel.
Ayion is the younger brother of Oakan.
He's talking about his brother who decide to leave his family to join the Light Freyers (it's like a Royal Guard)
My Fursona Brook

Name : Brook
Age : 15
Date of Birth : March 31 2002
Specie : Cat
Sex : Unknown
Sexual Orientation : Unknown
Pronouns : He/Him (neutral pronouns doesn't exist in french so he's a "he" in both language)
Native Country : France
Languages : French (native) | English

Other Informations :
-He's rather calm, he has a neutral face but he's sensitive and cry easily.
-He avoid conflicts and he never maintain eyes contacts because that's make him incomfortable.
-Lack of affimation
-Can't make a decision and easily stressed
-Listen more than talk. He tends to gather information about people, try to see every side of the person for understand their behavior.
-Don't show affection, hate physical contact and don't know how to comfort people.
-His humor is based on irony and sarcasm (He often say that he want to cut off the arms of people)
-He's afraid of sloth and his worst ennemy is Mr Sloth also called "The Nightmare".
-Tired of this shit, always jaded and he grumble a lot.
-His attitude change when he's with his friends, he smile more and he's more kind (or maybe sassy because he like to annoy them)
-No socials skills
respond to the other drawing.
Their father died so Ayion want him to stay with his family to support their mother but Oakan want to go ahead and do something with his life.
The Cover of the comic !
The characters are a cameo of my characters : Emily and Flo and Eon and Odd
And yeah I did some english mistake sorry I will correct that in the script !

If you don't understand my way of writing, here the script :
"Wait... What's a "rescue team ?"
"How can you not know ?!"
"Boogly !"
"Okay okay sorry..."
"A rescue team is...Something totally AWESOME !"
"That wil not help her to understand..."
"Let me explain... A rescue team is, well that's simple, it's a group of at least two pokemon who rescue people"
"And an Exploration Team is a little bit different in some way... They're travelling the world. You have to be trained by a guild if you want to make a team."
@WildfireK: Don't worry i'm misspelling word when I'm on my phone too :,)
And I don't know that's making fun of the face of someone is fun xD (in comics not in real life except if you're friend with the person that's logic)
@WildfireK: Sorry I didn't understand what you say ^^'
I messed up the face of Boogly in the 8th panel that's why Huss say that :,)

If you don't understand my way of writing, here the script :
"I guess you don't remember your name... That's a problem..."
"Maybe she's lying and she's a human but don't want to say it"
"I'm sure this guy have a problem"
"Huuu... Pretty sure that I'm not a human"
"They all say that !"
"Leave her alone Boogly"
"But kate, in the books the human always have amnesia and they join a rescue team with their friendand they save the world !"
"Even his face have a problem"
If you don't understand my way of writing, here the script :
"She's a hero ! She saved you !"
"No i'm not ! And since when you're here ?"
"Wait...Saved me ? What happened ?"
"You don't remember ? I found you in the sea. I don't know how you got there.... I thought you could tell us."
"Well...I can't remember anything...Sorry"
"Your head must have hit something, I'm sorry to heard that."
"Wait, he got amnesia ? Like in the books !"
"Boogly ! Wrong timing !"
"Hey I'm a girl"
Abdel from my fiction "Inachev├ęs". He's the main characters with Rayan, Matthew and Vick (I only have old drawing of them but here's the link of the drawing : (Rayan) (Matthew) (Vick)
Why every character has to be white and have a name like "Brad" "Lucas" or "John" fuck that here's Abdel and his friends

Man you know it's 1 am in my country ? Why am I still here
Number one of the list of my favorite characters
She's not just a cat who feel sad because she cn't become a warrior or she can't love Fire, no she's a strong character who face everything with her friendly mood and her wisdom
Impopular opinion : I don't really care about her, my heart belong to her kits (love on Misty and Stone)
More like Tigerbitch
One of my favorite characters I guess
Just Graystripe nothing else
That's just my design of Firestar from Warriors cats
Orin running away from all the problem
Blanche was appararently the oldest member of the first Rising Sun group.

She's bot really old but with her neglected appearance she seem much older than she is really. She was very protective with her friends but felt betrayed when Jewel and Lucia left with a stranger. In fact she was in love with Jewel and can't accept the fact that she left her for a total stranger and become a little bit crazy after that.

Name : Blanche ("white" in french)
Age : Adult (+20 in human years)
Gender : Female
Personnality : Blanche is an over protective person, she act like her friends are everything for her. She's emotionnaly fragile. She's can be funny and ironic sometimes.

Yep she's the one on the cover