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@AgentNein Welcome back! How are you doing?
Huh, I knew the usa did it month/day/year I wasn't sure if other north american countries did or not. But in hindsight the invoices that we get that ship to Mexico have the day/month set-up. I wonder which the Canadians do.
I also will plainly state that usa is weird in their wanting to be so different, even if I am one. Metric makes more sense.
Curious, do you live in the Eu? The way the birth date listed caught my eye.
Critical awesome
Will you be as lonely if I screamed "SECOND"?
That actually took me a minute. I always played as a Kajitt so I felt dirty being a cat werewolf thing, so I never joined the companions after the first time.
My Ghost
I got the jagged ghost shell and put the watermelon shader on it, I love it soooo much, it looks like a water Mellon cut in half!
I really am enjoying the art style on this comic, and the personality that you have given the Skeleton